PsiXpda … is that a 5mx I see before me?

I received a kind email from POS Ltd today informing me that they’ve moved premises, and would I please update the details on my website.

Series 5mx

Once I had, I looked up their website: and discovered that it’s had a complete redesign. Not only that, but they’re advertising a new PDA called the PsiXpda. Which, to all intents and purposes, looks exactly like my belovéd Psion 5mx. I’m looking forward to more details being made available. Seemingly they are “comming (sic) soon”!

Mystery of the freezing Psion 5mx

It appears that I am not the only Psion user to experience my Psion 5mx locking me out during a connection to the internet, via a Nokia 6100 mobile phone in my case. The forum on PDAStreet has a very active thread dedicated to this very problem.

A cursory read through the nine (9) pages of chat suggest that one of three options may fix it: First, update the TCP/IP Stack – files are posted; Second, use an application called Sink to establish the connection; Third, use an ISP which is shown not to cause these freeze-ups.

Once I have investigated this further I’ll update my Psion Modem page and post the appropriate files.