San Francisco & Seattle

In a couple of days (Thursday 15 January 2004) Jane, her Mum, Dorothy, and I will be winging our way towards San Francisco on holiday.

Friday 16 – Thursday 22 January
Jane and Dorothy are attending an Enneagram Course (in Menlo Park, near Palo Alto) to train to be Enneagram tutors. Meanwhile I’ll be relaxing in Healdsburg (about 60 miles north of SF) with my cousins.

Friday 23 – Monday 26 January
Once their course has finished, Jane’s Dad, Peter, is flying out to meet up with us. We’ll spend a couple of days in SF together before Jane and I fly up to Seattle, Washington, for the weekend. More visiting: Mark T. Powell, from NYCgb days, and members of the Lothian side of my family, whom I’ve never met before.

Tuesday 27 – Friday 30 January
Then it’s back to San Francisco for a few days before we return to the UK, just in time for February.

Given that I’ll be unable to access my UK broadband server while I’m away I’ve resurrected my Blogger weblog. Assuming that I’ll have some access to the net while in the USA. (I understand they have computers there too.) I’ll use this space to keep you up-to-date with what we’re doing.

In the meantime, please pray for our safety, both during flights and while we are in the US. Now back to planning and packing…

Birthday #32

Yesterday Jane bought me my birthday present (my birthday isn’t until Tuesday 11 November): a Panasonic personal CD player (SLSX418S) that also plays CD-Rs of MP3 files. How do I know this? I chose it. We went to Richer Sounds on Chambers Street here in Edinburgh; I thoroughly recommend them.
I’m now in the process of MP3-ing my albums; I’ve got as far as ‘B’. For the ripping and conversion I am using CD’n’Go which is wonderfully simple to use and uses the CDDB facility at to recognise the disc and saves me typing in the song titles. This means I’ll can take around 160 albums away with me on only 10 CD-Rs when we visit California in January.

In Binary my age is 100000
In Hexadecimal I am only 20!

Fantasy Football

Right, well we’re a couple of months in since I hand-picked my team of professional football players for the BBC Fantasy Football thingy on this thing we call the internet, and I am now quite definitely bottom of the Pie-miership.

My fantasy football team
My fantasy football team

I asked previously if my team was rubbish. I now know the answer: yes. But as I said before, I know absolutely nothing about football and chose my players because they were the only nine I recognised the names of, and the other two were the same name as a band I like (Primus) and my mate Danny’s surname (Curtis).

Holiday 2003

Jane and I are just back from a week in Bath and Bristol, with a brief jaunt in Manchester to meet up with Jamie Burton and the Hallé choir and orchestra.

In Bath we visited the famous Roman Baths, and Bath Abbey.

We caught up with Lindsey Dear and Jim Whalley in Bath, and Jonny and Emma Coore in Bristol, with a guest appearance by Nick and Kate Morgan.

Our trip down south coincided with Danny Wallace’s book reading at Borders in Clifton. So we went along, and in good Join Me style we ended up over a pint in a local hostelry.

I’ll put up some photos in the next couple of days, and move some of this older news to the… er, news section.