Resizing partitions in XP

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours re-partitioning my second hard disk. A simple task in Windows XP.

When I say re-partitioning I mean exactly that: none of this dynamic re-partitioning nonsense, like trying to resize your living room and dining room, with all your furniture still in it and while having a dinner party. No! I like to back-up, then delete the partitions and start over.

XP allows you to do this in Admin Tools: click – delete – click – as required – click – new partition – click – what size – click – format. Marvellous.

Why? I’d run out of space for my MP3s. I love my MP3 WinAmp-powered jukebox. 16 GB of MP3s, stick it on random and Hey! I’ve got Radio Saunders! Every track a favourite, and no interruptions from DJs. I only had 500 MB left on my 20 GB partition. So I’ve now got a new 36 GB partition for MP3s, and Videos have moved into the old MP3 home.

I also made sure that the new partitions were NTFS, rather than FAT32, which is what they were before, as 10 GB partitions… but remember, FAT32 can’t work with partitions over 32 GB.


My sub-domains work now. Which is good news. But I now will have to reorganise some of my site to ensure that they work properly. At the moment all the pages reference the same cascading style-sheet file in the root, but once sub-domains are set up they won’t be able to see the root directory. Hmm… some thinking and planning is needed, methinks.

Sub-domain refers to the portion before the domain name, which is most often ‘www’ – so, for example, could take you straight to this blog sub-section of my site. The only section that does work properly is which will take you to the exNYCgb forum.

Favorites (sic)

Gor blimey guv! How much rubbish did I have in my IE Favorites (sic) folder? You know how it is: you find a great site, drag the IE icon into your Favorites list and forget about it. It took me about five hours yesterday, sitting ill at my desk, to sort out the mess and organise it in such a way that Monica from Friends would want me as her best friend!

I sometime need to find the time, now, to clear out my Outlook Inbox and To File folders.

{Monday 15 March 2004} Well, didn’t I just clear out my IE Favorites folder then a couple of days later reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP before remembering to backup my newly reorganised Favorites folder. Doh! The next time I did it I was far more ruthless in my binning. I also found half a day to clear out (most of) my Outlook Inbox and To File folders.

New domain

How satisfying to finally get my new website up and running. In the end I did go for the upgrade to Host Europe’s WebFusion Home package (1.5 GB webspace, 10 GB monthly bandwidth, 500 POP3 email boxes, 150 subdomains, PHP4, MySQL, and a whole lot more) and all for £99 p.a.

There was a little DNS-panic over the weekend while my domain name register 123-reg upgraded a DNS name server and my DNS listing reverted to an old entry. Result: my domain name didn’t point to my new webspace.

With everything back up and running smoothly I have been able to try my hand at writing a couple of .htaccess files that tell the servers where pages have moved to (Redirect Permanent is a 301 code; did you know that? I learned that yesterday.) and define the location of 404 Page Not Found errors and the like. Hopefully that’ll help direct users to my new site.