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Don’t ask how I discovered this website — www.nakednuns.com — but it is very, very funny, and contains quotations and no pictures of naked nuns, which is quite a relief.

The Jack Handey quotes can also be found at //www.cco.net/~jpete/deepthou.htm. I’m still crying with laughter.

Alright, if you insist, I will tell you. I was asking a friend what he’d like to see on a church website, and he said pictures of naked bishops. So I just checked to see if www.nakedbishops.com was available, and it was. And just out of curiosity I checked to see if www.nakednuns.com was available; well, you would, wouldn’t you. And it wasn’t..

Firefox: 1 million in 10 days

Amazing! Firefox are trying to get 1 million (that’s 1,000,000) users to download the latest incarnation of the Mozilla Firefox web browser in ten days. And it looks like they may well be on target, claiming “nearly 790,000 people have downloaded Firefox in 3 days”.

I’ve said before that I love the Firefox browser, and I’ll say it again. I love the Firefox browser. I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant moving away from Internet Explorer 6 but that was about a month ago, and I’ve hardly used IE since. Firefox is fast; highly customizable; uses tabbed-windows instead of spawning window after window on your screen and taskbar; and most importantly it adheres to the web-standards, such as CSS-2, so displays pages the way they are supposed to display.

Come join the revolution!


N version 1
N version 1

This game is doing my head in! It is so addictive!

You play the part of a ninja — hence the name of the game: N — whose task is to escape from each screen. Sounds simple, huh?

The best bit about the game, other than when you punch your hand in the air having completed a level, is the dramatic and physical way your ninja hero dies when you fall off too high a ledge, or step on a mine, or are blown apart by a variety of hostile robots.

Download it now for Windows, Mac or Linux.

DOS Attacks

When I booted up my PC this morning I couldn’t access either my main e-mail accounts or website, so I shot off an e-mail (using another account) to Webfusion support at 08:23. At 09:08 I received the following reponse:


Thank you for your query. Currently we are experiencing a denial of service attack at our Nottingham data centre which has caused connectivity problems effecting web, email and ftp access. Our engineers are currently working to correct the problem and we hope to have it resolved shortly. For all updates please see http://www.hosting-status.pipex.net. I hope this is of some assistance. If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Stuart Harper
PIPEX Hosting Support

Now, I’m impressed with that. Not quite so enamoured by the nasty people carrying out a Denial Of Service (DOS) attack on the data centre, but quite impressed with Pipex’s support. Thanks guys!