My song is perfume—an anthology of poetry

My song is perfume cover shows two bunches of pink rose laid vertically between a pink sheet that reads My song is perfume, an anthology of poetry by Rosalie J Saunders
My song is perfume: An anthology of poetry by Rosalie J Saunders (née Brydon)

A collection of thirty-two poems about life, love, God, pain, joy and finding peace in the darkness.

This book of poetry is the second volume of writings that I have compiled and edited from the nine-hundred or more pages of writings that I found on Mum’s laptop after her death in August 2020. The first volume was her autobiography Rosalie: in her own words (2022), the next volume will be a collection of the very many short stories and other creative writings that she penned. Nestled between is this short book of poetry.

While there may be more, undiscovered, handwritten poems among Mum’s journals and other notebooks, I have constrained this anthology to the thirty-two poems written during the 2000s or which she typed, presumably, for a creative writing class.

The book’s title comes from the poem, “My song for My Saviour”. Mum often spoke about how she would experience the presence of God as a scent, particularly in moments of darkness. Many memories of her childhood in Malaya and work in India were wrapped up in the perfumes of native flowers and trees, and one of her great luxuries was the perfume Mitsouko by Guerlain. “My song is perfume” seemed apt.

I have arranged these poems into four sections, each named after lines from the same poem. The first section, “My song is my brokenness”, gathers eight poems where you can almost feel the pain and anguish. This is offset by the second section, “My song is hope in the darkness”, which explores the love of God and faith that sustained and gave hope to Mum throughout her life. In the third section, “My song is blueness, sapphires and the sun”, Mum leads us on a journey through the landscape that helped shape her life, the Border hills and rivers and beyond. The final section, “My song is ribbons of rainbow hue”, contains her remaining poems that draw attention to the ordinary made extraordinary.

  • Written by: Rosalie J Saunders
  • Edited by: Gareth J M Saunders
  • Publisher:
  • Year: 2023
  • Edition: 1st
  • Pages: 60
  • ISBN: 978-1-4477-7994-0
  • Price: UK £6.00 / EU €9.00 / US $8.00
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