Fix for Scrum for Trello (for Chrome)

I use Trello a lot. Trello is a simple but powerful, kanban-inspired project management tool which allows you to create cards on lists to visualise what work you still have to do, work in progress and work that is done. I use it to manage most of my projects, and indeed most of my life.

A few years ago, a couple of developers released Scrum for Trello, a Chrome and Firefox plugin that adds aglie story points functionality to Trello. (Story points help you see the relative size of a task compared with the others.)

I use it all the time, but recenty it broke. This is what I did to fix it.


A few weeks ago, Atlassian (the company that now develops Trello) released an update that broke Scrum for Trello. (Scrum for Trello looks for particular names in the code to hook its code into, but these had been removed.)

The Scrum for Trello developers announced that they were working on a fix, but in the meantime they had a workaround that involved going into the Trello labs settings and rolling back the changes. That worked for a while, but it doesn’t now.


That’s when the community took matters into their own hands. Ken Swanson forked the original Scrum for Trello code and posted a fix that restored both story points on Trello cards and totals at the top of the columns.

However, the settings button was still missing. So, this week I forked Ken Swanson’s code and have made the following changes:

Settings button

The Settings button has now been restored and much more visible with a white/greyscale icon.

Also, the Settings button now has a label (“Scrum”) that disappears on smaller screens, in line with other buttons (on screens smaller than 1540 pixels wide).

Looking at the original code, this appears to have always been intended.

Board total

The board total has now been restored (and moved to the left of all the buttons).

This now shows the totals in the order: estimated points then consumed points, which is consistent with the order they are displayed on a card. This has bugged me for ages.

List total

Similarly, the column totals for estimated points and consumed points are also now displayed in the same order as they are on the cards.

jQuery upgrade and Settings

One hidden upgrade is updating the jQuery library from v2.1.4 to the last in the v.2.x.x branch, v2.2.4.

And lastly, I made a few subtle tweaks to the Settings pop-up to make it a little more consistent with other plugins’ settings panels while keeping the charm of the original.

I also changed the default story points values from Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) to the Planning Poker values (0, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100).


I haven’t tested this on Firefox as I only use the extension on Google Chrome, but if you would find this useful to load localled (go to chrome://extensions/ and click “Load unpacked”) then you can download it from my GitHub:

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