I was a guest on the new Ways of Agile podcast

On Friday evening, adding to my growing list of interesting life experiences, I was a guest on a new podcast from Romania called Ways of Agile.

The aim of the Ways of Agile podcast is to provide a guide for people to discern whether the IT industry is for them, map out different roles, career paths, required skills and accreditations and understand how they might ‘get a foot in the door’.

The podcast is hosted by my friend and colleague (scrum master) Andrei Gliga, and his friend and podcast producer (scrum master) Vlad Skrypnyk.

In the episode we talk about my history (making that seamless leap from parish ministry to web management and then agile coaching), about people skills being central to the role of scrum master, the move to remote working, why I prefer the term ‘agility’ to ‘Agile™’, building trust in teams, why the role of a scrum master isn’t about nagging the team about when they will complete something, how I have helped one team reduce their cycle time by running an experiment to reduce the length of their sprint, and whole lot more.

Here’s another snippet (below) talking about the importance of being okay with silences during remote calls, especially working with introverted knowledge workers who may be reflective thinkers.

At one point, Andrei asked me what my books of choice are for anyone interested in learning about agility and the Scrum Master role. That’s one question, I wish I had known in advance. I mentioned the Scrum Guide and Agile Manifesto. The first book that put me on the road to agility was The Art of Agile Development by James Shore and Shane Warden.

Although I mentioned him during our conversation (in a recent article, he refers to scrum masters as ‘organisational poets’), I wish I had also mentioned Tobias Mayer’s amazing book The People’s Scrum, which is available as a free audio book on Tobias’s website.

Speaking of books, before the podcast, Andrei asked if it was okay if he mentioned my latest book I Like to Write Back. I said of course. And when we reached the end of the podcast and he hadn’t, I brought it up. “Are you not going to mention my book?” which made it sound like a blatant plug! What I didn’t say on the podcast is that it is available as a free PDF download.

You can find the podcast at the following locations:


Apple Podcasts



Or use the RSS link https://anchor.fm/s/da749f84/podcast/rss to subscribe in your podcast app of choice. I’m using Pocket Casts on Android.

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