Melkhior’s Mansion (the Atic Atac remake for Windows PC)

Splash screen for Melkhior’s Mansion

Back in the mid-1980s my friends and I would often tease each other about which was the better home computer, the Commodore 64 or the ZX Spectrum.

Clearly it was the Commodore 64!

Atic Atac

There was one Spectrum (and BBC micro) game, however, that I was very envious of: Atic Atac from Ultimate Play The Game.

The video game was a top-down view set inside a labyrintine castle where your intrepid hero (a wizard, knight or serf) needed to locate the pieces of the Golden Key of ACG in order to escape.

Screenshot of Atic Atac on the ZX Spectrum

I know it doesn’t look like much but it was great fun to play. Each hero had a different weapon, and each needed to escape the castle via a different exit.

Melkhior’s Mansion

A few years ago, I spotted on Twitter that Richard Jordan (@EricRetro) was creating a remake of Atic Atac for the Windows PC.

As I recall, the original publisher gave the developer permission to recreate it as long as he didn’t use the name Atic Atac. So, welcome to Melkhior’s Mansion.

The entrance hall

Unlike the original top-down view, Melkhior’s Mansion adopts an isometric view of the rooms in a beautifully cartoonish style.

It’s free to download and play, and great fun. Although, I needed to remap the keys as I couldn’t work out which was attack and which was pick up/drop.

Download Melkhior’s Mansion from BitGlint Games

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