How agile helps us build the right things

The team was excited. We had been working on a new website for one of our clients for the past nine months, checking in with the client every month or so, going back and forth with designs and decisions. We had a fresh new design, we’d included some new technologies that were making our lives easier (plus… you know, new toys!), we had commissioned some new photographs and had a new content editor working on the copy. Today was the big unveiling to the client.

There was an uncomfortable silence after we had completed our presentation.

“That’s… exactly what we asked for,” she said. “But it’s not what we need.”

Our hearts sank. We had built them the website they needed last year. But their requirements had changed and our nine-month feedback loop was too long.

The next project I worked on, I introduced an agile approach. I wanted to make sure we built the right thing.

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