Trello coloured lists for Tampermonkey updated to v4.x

Coloured lists make identifying their purpose quicker at a glance
Coloured lists makes identifying their purpose quicker at a glance

This evening I updated a script I first wrote back in March 2014. I wrote about it on the old University of St Andrews web team blog.

The script, which runs in the browser using an add-on such as Tampermonkey, lets you define Trello list titles to search for, and then apply a background colour to it.

It’s not a particular complex script. I daresay it could be optimised further, but it has such a low impact on performance that I’m happy to leave it as it is.

Improvements for v4.0.0 include:

  • NEW Add code to allow titles to be case-insensitive (so ‘DONE’, ‘Done’ and ‘done’ are covered with the same rule).
  • FIX Make code easier to read and therefore update.
  • FIX Add better comments.
  • CHANGE Allow titles to be grouped together (in alphabetical order) in the same rule, to prevent a lot of duplicate code.
  • CHANGE Change colours to a more cohesive set.
  • CHANGE Reorganise rules by colour.
  • CHANGE Update UserScript block.
  • CHANGE Update license to GNU General Public License v3.0.
  • CHANGE Update file to provide more useful information.


Saturday 4 November 2017

I made a further couple of fixes this morning:

  • FIX Ensure colour of labels while editing is consistent regardless of background colour. There was a bug in the previous code where you couldn’t read the text while editing dark list titles.
  • FIX Scrum for Trello – Ensure list totals are visible on dark lists.

Check out the code on GitHub.

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