Using Trello for team retrospectives

Physical kanban board and Trello board
We recently moved our retrospectives from a physical board using Post-it notes to Trello

Retrospectives are an important tool for Agile teams like ours. They allow the team to reflect frequently (usually at the end of an iteration) on work habits and processes, and agree how to improve them. We hold retrospectives every second Friday at the end of our sprints.

Until recently, we’ve been running all our retrospectives in the office using a magnetic white board and a small forest of Post-it® notes. Each retrospective we’ve lamented how much paper we waste, having used the sticky notes for only about an hour before they end up in the recycling bin.

So a couple of months ago, as one of our team members was working from home on the final day of our sprint, we used Trello (and Apple FaceTime) to allow him to fully participate.

We’ve used Trello now for the last four retrospectives, even when the whole team has been together in the same room. I want to use this post to reflect a little on what we’ve learned from the process. A retrospective on retrospectives, if you like.

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