Metallica—St Anger… the way it could have sounded #STANGER2015

I have a confession to make: I like Metallica’s 2003 album St Anger.

It seems that I’m not the only one. This week Metal Injection reported that Jimmy Page and Jack White apparently really like Metallica’s St Anger.

The YouTube video above shows a project from Daryl Gardner (guitar and bass) and Chris Dando (vocal) from Grace The Skies, and Dave Cox (drums) of Adust who re-recorded the entire album.

But this version is 15 minutes shorter, and the snare drum doesn’t sound like a dustbin.

It’s even been given permission by Q-Prime Management, Metallica’s managers.

Check it out! It rocks!

Have you been pwned?

Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach
Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

With so much personal data stored online, keeping your password secure is really important.

Troy Hunt, a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security has created a website that allows you to check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.

Have I Been Pwned checks against 41 known data breaches, including 152,445,165 Adobe accounts, 4,789,599 Gmail accounts, 453,427 Yahoo! accounts.


The site is secure, and doesn’t ask for your password: just the username or email address that you’ve used to sign up for an online account. The site then checks it against a lists of compromised accounts.

As Troy Hunt says, “all the data on this site comes from publicly leaked ‘breaches’ or in other words, personal account data that has been illegally accessed then released into the public domain.”

The who what &  why and FAQ pages provide a lot of detail about what’s going on behind the scenes, and answer a lot of questions about the security of this site.

Good news

I only use a couple of email addresses. Against one of them I’ve had no breached accounts—hoorah!

Good news — no pwnage found! No breached accounts and no pastes
Good news — no pwnage found! No breached accounts and no pastes

Bad news

Against the other, though…

Breaches you were pwned in
Bad news — breaches you were pwned in

My main email address was involved in the big one: in October 2013 the data for nearly 153 million Adobe accounts was leaked. Adobe made it public pretty quickly and all users were encouraged to change their password, which I did.

I’m really impressed with this website: using leaked data for good, rather than ill. Check it out and find out if you’ve been pwned: Have I Been Pwned?

Note: the word ‘pwn‘ is geek-speak for ‘own’, implying that you’ve been dominated. It came about probably due to a typo as ‘o’ and ‘p’ sit next to one another on a QWERTY keyboard.

Sublime Text plugin shows TODO comments, and more

TodoReview in Sublime Text 3
TodoReview in Sublime Text 3

I do like a good Sublime Text 3 plugin, and this is one that offers functionality that I was missing since upgrading from ST2 a while back.

TodoReview scans the comments within your code (either open files, project files, or both) and builds a results page that allows you to easily open and jump to the appropriate lines in these files. It’s as simple as navigating to the appropriate line and pressing Enter.

The plugin has four common comment keywords built in, but using regular expressions these can be extended beyond:

  • TODO:
  • NOTE:
  • FIXME:

Not only is this plugin useful for your own code projects, you can also use it to scan through third party open source projects to get an insight into their code. For example, WordPress 4.1.1 has 196 TODO: comments. My favourite is this:

Man o man is this ugly. WebKit is the new IE! Remove this if they ever fix it!

TodoReview can be installed easily using Package Control by Will Bond.

Isaac and duck

Isaac waves to his new friends.
Isaac waves to his new friends.

At lunchtime today Jane had a lunch appointment with a friend, so Isaac and I first went to Greggs to get him a sausage roll and a bottle of summer fruits juice.

“I’ll get points for that,” he said, gesturing towards the bottle.

And he was right: the boys get bonus points if they try something new.

We had a lovely time, sitting beside the Kinnessburn watching the ducks, some of whom came up to say hello. Then we took a walk along the stream to find more ducks, before heading up the hill towards my office.

We took a shortcut through the grounds of Dyer’s Brae, one of the School of Biology buildings,and popped up on Queen’s Terrace, opposite the Bute building where I work.

“Wow!” said Isaac, recognising where we were. “It’s like we teleported here!”

Well, we didn’t teleport again up to the office—instead, we took the lift.

Isaac, at my desk wearing headphones, watching YouTube.
Isaac, at my desk wearing headphones, watching YouTube.

And there he sat at my desk and we did some pair programming.

Well, I say ‘pair programming’. Isaac watched a Batman video on YouTube while I analysed our projects boards to determine where our business-as-usual, portfolio, project and consultancy tasks are all tracked.

Until mummy arrived.

What fun! I love that boy.