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eM Client

A few weeks ago I blogged about moving from Microsoft Outlook (and an Exchange account) to eM Client using Google’s productivity tools Gmail, Calendar and Contacts. These are my reflections on using eM Client for the last month or so, having been a faithful Outlook user for the last 14 years.

Why move?

My reasons for moving were three-fold:

  1. Simplify—I was using at least three email accounts, as well as trying to synchronise Outlook calendar and contacts with Google. This way I could keep everything in one place.
  2. Share—I needed a more robust way of sharing my calendar with (my wife) Jane, and she uses Gmail as her primary account, so it made sense to move.
  3. Cost—Though they do offer a terrific service, buying an Exchange account from Simply Mail Services was costing me about £70 per year. I could put that money to better use.

My hesitations in moving were two-fold:

  1. Email address—I really wanted to keep my email address, and for email to send as that. But the more I thought about it the more I realised that was just vanity. So long as all mail sent that address was forwarded to me it didn’t really matter what email address I was sending from; besides some people were emailing me there anyway. (As it is I can configure Gmail to send as my own domain, I just haven’t done it yet.)
  2. Email client—I’ve enjoyed using Outlook because I like having everything in the same place: email, calendar, contacts and tasks. I’ve adapted my workflow around this set up. and it works for me. I knew that Outlook wasn’t suitable but didn’t know of an alternative. eM Client proved to be a near perfect replacement.


Setting up eM Client was so simple. Upon installing the application I was asked to enter my account details. I typed in my Gmail email address and password, and eM Client did the rest.

Enter your account details and eM Client does the rest.
Enter your account details and eM Client does the rest.

The free version of eM Client allows you to connect a maximum of two accounts, the pro version (£29.95 GBP) allows unlimited accounts. I’m currently on the free version but I intend to upgrade to pro at some point, simply to support the company.


During the setup eM Client alerted me to the fact that I hadn’t enabled my Gmail account to use IMAP. This was easy to do within Gmail settings.

IMAP is now enabled in Gmail.
IMAP is now enabled in Gmail.

IMAP enables two-way communication between eM Client and Gmail, so any changes made in one client are immediately made in the others. This makes it really useful when trying to access your email from multiple devices, e.g. Windows and Android.

Once connected to my Gmail account eM Client took only a few minutes to download my email messages, calendar and contacts data.

I also connected my Facebook account which allows me to use eM Client as a chat client, and to update contact details and avatars from Facebook.

Review of eM Client

The following is a summary of my experience of using eM Client over the last few weeks.

Bear in mind that I am using eM Client only for Email, Calendar and Contacts. eM Client also supports Tasks and what it calls Widgets, which are plugins like an RSS reader.

I discovered, quite by accident, that if you right-click the left-hand panel you can decide which modules to display.

Right-click and select which modules you would like to display in the left-hand panel.
Right-click and select which modules you would like to display in the left-hand panel.

This also affects the shortcut keys to quickly navigate to these modules. With Tasks and Widgets removed these are now, for me:

  • Ctrl + F1 Mail
  • Ctrl + F2 Calendar
  • Ctrl + F3 Contacts

The full list of shortcut keys can be viewed at Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts.

Using Gmail with eM Client

Email view within eM Client. Four columns, from the left: folders, messages, message details, chat
Email view within eM Client

The email client looked very similar to Outlook, albeit with a simpler, cleaner look. The screen shows four columns (from the left):

  1. Folders (Gmail labels)
  2. Mail received
  3. Message (full text of the currently selected message)
  4. Sidebar (showing contact details, agenda or chat)


eM Client comes with a number of built-in themes. I’m using a light blue theme called Arctic which is very clean looking. It clearly distinguishes the different areas of the screen: menu bar, mail folders, message, sidebar allowing me to get on and work undistracted.

Folders and labels

One feature I used a lot in Outlook mail was folders. Gmail doesn’t use folders. Instead it uses labels.

For many years I have used the following primary folders:

  • Action
  • Archive
  • Hold
  • Mailing lists
  • Projects
  • Waiting for

I tend to create sub-folders for Projects and Waiting for to make it easier to find emails. Then when the project is finished, or the item I’m waiting for (e.g. Amazon – CD order) has arrived I destroy the folder and either delete the emails or move them into the Archive folder.

In Gmail email can be categorised with more than one label. I have decided to use only one label per email. This matches the way that I used folders in Outlook. I find it simpler this way.

Something else I had to learn about Gmail is that “Inbox” is a label too. If an email doesn’t have the “Inbox” label then it is regarded as archived and appears under the “All Mail” label.

In eM Client Gmail labels appear as folders. So if I drag and drop an email into a folder in eM Client, it applies that label in the Gmail web client.

Once I understood these subtle differences between Outlook and Gmail I was happy to explore setting up rules to automatically filter my email.


Something that I relied on a lot within Outlook were rules. I created a lot of rules to filter all my regular newsletter and mailing list emails into a sub-folder called ‘Mailing lists’ (who would have thought?).

I’ve found this prevents my inbox from clogging up with ‘noise’, enabling me to see the more important emails from friends and family.

Gmail calls these rules filters. But unlike in Outlook, you cannot set up these filters within the eM Client. They must be done using the Gmail web interface.

Initially I thought that I might find this a bother, but in reality I’ve just accepted that this is the way it is. And besides, for each newsletter I only need to do it once.

It has also allowed me to review.all the mail I’m getting and decide whether I should cancel the subscription or not.

Filtering an email within Gmail.
Filtering an email within Gmail.

I tend to use the same rules for each message:

  • Skip the Inbox (Archive it).
  • Apply the label: Gareth/Mailing lists.
  • Never send it to Spam.
  • Also apply filter to X matching conversations.


As well as labels/folders, eM Client supports categories.

List of categories for email.
List of categories for email.

There are four contexts in which categories can be used: contacts, emails, calendar events or tasks. Categories can be unique to a context or shared across any of the four contexts.

You may set the context when editing the category.

Computer category is used only for emails.
When editing a category you may choose where it is used.

I have still to finalise the categories, but I tend to use these only for grouping items within my “Action” folder/label. These are emails that I have identified that I need to do something with: reply to, read, or follow a link to download something, for example.

Standard replies

Something I used quite a lot in Outlook was “Quick Parts” where you could store standard replies to certain questions. I used these a lot for replying about Psion repairs or certain mahjong questions.

eM Client doesn’t support this feature. However, you can create a number of custom signatures and using the “Insert signature on caret position” option to can use this to insert these standard replies into your text. And unlike Outlook 2010 you may add more than one signature to an email.

If your reply is longer then you could opt to use templates. As far as I can see, however, you cannot insert template text into a reply. You may only use it to create a new email. So if you don’t mind a bit of copying and pasting then you may choose to do this. Otherwise, stick with the signature workaround.


When I used Outlook with a standard (POP3) account I needed an add-in to filter out spam emails; I used Cloudmark DesktopOne, which I found excellent.

After I moved to Microsoft Exchange I paid extra for a Postini server-side spam filter to be activated on my account, which I found gobbled up more than a few genuine mailing list emails.

Having moved to Gmail, only a few rogue messages have got through to my inbox, and I’ve had maybe only four or five false positives.

Right-clicking the Junk E-mail folder in eM Client allows me to empty my Gmail junk mail.


On the whole I have been able to use eM Client in exactly the same way that I used Outlook. In other words, my familiar workflow hasn’t really been upset.

The only real difference is needing to go to Gmail itself to set up mail filters.

I am actually surprised at how easily and seamlessly I’ve made the transition from Outlook to eM Client, after 14 years of using the former, but I suspect that reflects the quality and flexibility of the software.

Using Google Calendar with Em Client

eM Client calendar displaying five Google calendars on top of one another.
eM Client calendar displaying five Google calendars on top of one another.

As sharing calendars was one of the drivers for moving from Outlook I reckoned that this had better work seamlessly. And I’m delighted to report that it is.

I have five Google calendars that I display:

  1. My default calendar (green)
  2. Children (orange)
  3. Home (grey)
  4. Jane (violet)
  5. Scottish Episcopal Church saints days (rose)


Regardless of the device (web, eM Client, or Android) Jane and I have synchronised the colours of the calendars. So my calendar is always green, Jane’s is always violet, children is always orange, etc. That way we don’t need to think twice about what we’re looking at.

eM Client draws its colours from Google Calendar itself. On our Android devices (Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini) you have to set the colours on the device itself.


I used to use a lot of colours and categories when using the Outlook calendar to denote different activities, e.g. coding, writing documentation, meeting in the office, meeting in St Andrews, meeting/conference outwith St Andrews, etc.

I expected to miss that when I moved to a mono-colour calendar but again I’ve surprised myself. The clarity offered by colour equals person has been really valuable.

I don’t use any categories now for events. eM Client comes with four built-in (vacation, must attend, needs preparation, birthday) but I don’t use any of them; you cannot delete these four.

Sharing calendars

Another decision we made was to give each other full read and write access to each other’s diaries. That way we can add appointments directly to each other’s calendar without having to go through the rigmarole of inviting each other to events.

Calendar for home events

Another innovation was to add a generic, shared calendar for home events such as which recycling bins go out and when, gas boiler service dates, car tax, etc.

I chose grey for that calendar which makes it neutral but helps it stand out enough to notice it.

Google Calendar’s recurring event feature was ideal for this calendar.


Like eM Client’s handling of Gmail, the lag between adding an event within eM Client and it appearing either on the Google Calendar web interface or on our Android device is minimal. It is almost instant.

While eM Client displays an Agenda view in the sidebar, I have not found myself using it and tend to leave the sidebar set to viewing Facebook chat contacts.

Tasks and calendar

One feature of Outlook that I used a lot was to drag and drop tasks from the sidebar onto the calendar.As it’s not possible to do this in eM Client I am now using Todoist to manage my tasks.

I now either manage the dates within Todoist itself or simply copy and paste tasks into my calendar. It’s a little overhead but really not that much.


As this was one of the primary functions that we needed to get right (sharing multiple calendars) I have been quite delighted not only with what Google Calendar itself offers but also how eM Client handles the management of these calendars.

Unlike Gmail there is very little that I have needed to do using the Google Calendar web interface, once we got the calendars created, shared and set to the right colours.

Using Google Contacts with eM Client

Google Contacts within eM Client
Google Contacts within eM Client

Google Contacts is yet another area where eM Client excels.

When I used Outlook (either standalone or connected to Exchange) I would every now and then import my Outlook contacts into Google in the vain hope of keeping them backed-up and synchronised. It was an overhead that I didn’t need and it’s been quite a relief, actually, to have them all in one place for a change.


There are five ways to view your contacts, as well as a couple of ways to filter them. The five views are:

  1. Phone list
  2. By Company
  3. By Location
  4. Custom View (which by default shows you every contact card field in a spreadsheet-like table)
  5. Business cards

The default view is Business cards, and this is generally the view that I prefer. Each tile shows you the person’s name, email address, telephone numbers and/or company:

Contact card showing my details
Contact card showing my details

The coloured blocks on the left-hand side represent categories.


In Outlook I used to categorize almost all my contacts, but I used the Company field for that. I used this field to record where I met the person, e.g. National Youth Choir of Great Britain, School, Family, etc. I can use the “By Company” view to display contacts in this way; although it displays them by default as First name, Surname.

I have also created a number of key categories, e.g. colleagues, family, home-related contacts (plumber, joiner, etc.) so that I can filter my contacts by these categories.

These categories also come in handy when viewing contacts on my Android phone.

One thing that I discovered was that for contacts to appear in Google Contacts they seem to need to be categorized as “My Contacts”,

The other way to filter, of course, is by search. I would have found it handy if the search updated the list as you were typing but you have to hit Enter before the search begins.

Navigating contacts

Using a combination of categories, search and the scroll bar you can quickly locate the contact you are looking for.

Something I really miss from Outlook 2010, however, is the A-Z list down the right-hand side of the contacts cards view. This allowed you to very quickly navigate within your contact cards. I do hope eM Client adds this to a future version.

A-Z index in Outlook allows you to quickly navigate within your contacts list.
A-Z index in Outlook allows you to quickly navigate within your contacts list.

Contact photographs

One neat feature, once you’ve connected your Facebook account to eM Client is the ability to have your contacts’ profile photographs imported into Google Contacts.

That obviously requires your contacts to be using Facebook, and for them to have used the email address that you have for them to be registered in their Facebook account.

Duplicates and conflicts

Occasionally things can go wrong. When I used a Psion to sync with Outlook on two PCs (home and work) I was forever needing to remove duplicate entries. This isn’t as big a problem with eM Client as it is in Outlook.

eM Client comes with its own built-in duplicate remover (Tools > Deduplicator…).

eM Client has its own duplicate remover, which works for mail, events, tasks and contacts.
eM Client has its own duplicate remover, which works for mail, events, tasks and contacts.

I found it pretty effective, to be honest. It found a number of duplicates and where possible it combined information very effectively and deleted the rest.

A couple of times while updating contact cards I found that I made too many changes in a short space of time. In these cases eM Client asked me which data I wanted to keep and which I wanted to overwrite: local or remote.


Another win. To be honest, I can’t see myself needing to use the Google Contacts web interface terribly much. More or less everything is handled very nicely within eM Client.

Final observations

All in all, I am pretty delighted with eM Client. It does exactly what I needL which is to manage Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts in one place. I really couldn’t ask for much more.

Sure there are a few niggles, like the lack of A-Z navigation in Contacts, and needing to set Filters in the Gmail web interface, but really these are minor issues.

If you are looking for an Outlook replacement (and eM Client does support Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, as well as other standard POP3 and IMAP email accounts etc.) then I can thoroughly and warmly recommend eM Client.

If I was to score it for its integration with Google services then I would need to give it a full 5/5.

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Gareth Saunders

I’m Gareth J M Saunders, 52 years old, 6′ 4″, father of 3 boys (including twins). Enneagram type FOUR and introvert (INFP), I am a non-stipendiary priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, I sing with the NYCGB alumni choir, play guitar, play mahjong, write, draw and laugh… Scrum master at Safeguard Global; latterly at Sky and Vision/Cegedim. Former web architect and agile project manager at the University of St Andrews and previously warden at Agnes Blackadder Hall.

31 thoughts on “Using eM Client with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts”

  1. I’ve been searching for how or where to add an alternative reply-to email address on the eM Client. Could you please give a tutorial on that aspect? This is the only thing missing out so far on eM Client!

    1. Hi Kay, if you are using eM Client with a Gmail account, then eM Client simply inherits your Gmail settings. So, I suspect you will need to set the reply address in your Gmail settings:

      1. Click the gear in the top right.
      2. Select Settings.
      3. Open the ‘Accounts’ tab.
      4. Click ‘edit info’ next to your email address.
      5. Click ‘Specify a different “reply-to” address’ in the dialogue box.
      6. Enter the address to which you want the recipient(s) to reply.
      7. Click ‘Save Changes.’

      See if that works.

  2. Great review! Thank you so much for being so thorough.

    Like you, I have used Outlook since the beginning of time and at 47 years old and having my own business, I now need to be more mobile than ever and need easy syncability on the go.

    I did download and try out EmClient a few months ago but pined over my love affair with Outlook so didn’t really give it a full-fledged test.

    I’ve played with Mailbird, EmClient and Postbox but from your review, I think I might just bite the bullet with EmClient. The main thing for me is keeping my Contacts and Calendars in sync because from my website clients can make appointments with me that tie directly into my Google Calendar. Without that ability, I may as well not have an email client at all.

    Anyway, what I’d like to know is, now months later and being a true convert, have you noticed anything new that you can share with us? Anything that’s become more or less annoying since you moved to EmClient? Had you tried Postbox or Mailbird? The main issue I had with those is the synchronicity between Calendar and Contacts. Without those things, you can never replace Outlook in my book.

    Hope to hear from you soon. I finally moved to a laptop (selling my desktop on eBay today) and I’m not installing Outlook OR EmClient until I hear back from you.

    Tell me all is well, Gareth…tell me it’s gonna be alright…

    OH! What about archives? I’ve got PST files from as far back as 2007 and I like having a backup of my life. Can you set to archive automatically and can you read PST files to be able to see your old emails?

    I might come back with more questions but I’ve given you more than enough bother for this Saturday morning already. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments and questions Patricia.


      Usefully, I’m running both Outlook (work) and eM Client (personal) side-by-side on my PC at work; and only eM Client on my PC at home. Further to this review I have a few observations:

      1. I like to categorise emails that I need to action or reply to later, and contacts. eM Client offers categorisation for contacts, mails, events and tasks. However, not all of these category groups are synchronised with Google products: Google Contacts uses categories but not Gmail. It’s a minor niggle but I do wish that I could see how I’ve categorised my “Action” folder/label emails on other machines in eM Client or indeed in Gmail itself.

      2. In eM Client you insert your email signature with Ctrl + 1 (or whichever number you’ve assigned to it). I keep finding myself trying to do this in Outlook which has surprised me that I’m wishing for eM Client features in Outlook. I always expected it to be the other way around.

      3. Having said that, the one feature in Outlook that I miss the most is the ability to jump to a specific date in the Outlook calendar (Ctrl + G). This can be done in Google Calendar itself only by enabling the “Jump to Date” feature in Settings > Labs.


      As far as I’m aware you cannot open .PST files in eM Client. So you would either need to keep a version of Outlook installed for occasionally accessing backups (that’s what I do) or back it up to Google applications (calendar, contacts, and email). You could export your calendar to iCalendar or CSV formats, for example which would make them significantly more portable. Similarly for Contacts you could export these to vCard or CSV. The easiest thing with email would be to import them into Gmail and archive them there—that way you would be able to easily search them if required.

  3. OH! The other thing that terrifies me is getting used to something new and then finding out they discontinue it. Thunderbird died and one thing we know, at least no time soon, is Outlook seems to be here to stay. And sidebar, I’m still using Outlook 2007. I just can’t pay for an upgrade when I don’t see much use or great improvement. If they pulled in Google synchronization, I’d be THERE.

    1. If eM Client was discontinued, personally I wouldn’t worry too much as the data it is using for me is being stored with Google rather than with eM Client itself. I’d be more concerned if Google pulled the plug on calendar, contacts, or Gmail, as they did with Google Groups (RSS reader) a few years back.

  4. eM Client sounds ideal but I have been trying to find an email client that allows me to send emails to a google contact group as a distribution list as you can using the gmail client. Does eM Client allow this?

  5. You mention that ‘In eM Client Gmail labels appear as folders. So if I drag and drop an email into a folder in eM Client, it applies that label in the Gmail web client.’

    Does eM client add that label to the email or does it move the email to the folder ?
    In other words,
    Does it only add the label while letting it reside in the inbox
    or does it apply the label and archive it ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. In eM Client when I drag an email to a folder (say “Action”) it moves out of Inbox and into the Action folder.

      Now, if I was to immediately visit gMail I would discover that email message has been archived (i.e. it is not in Inbox) and it has had the “Action” label applied to it.

      Does that answer your question?

  6. Hi! My name is Sophan and I am deploying eM Client for my users and now, there is problem with this email client – 2 users are getting the same problem which cannot send or receive the email. I am sure that there is nothing changed for all the setting or username and password.

    Could you provide me the possible problem or bug and solution?



  7. Gareth, I’ve been contemplating switching back to an email client (away from Gmail’s web interface) for some time, and their move to Inbox and their new Contacts offering (both awful IMHO) goaded me into action. Your reasons mirrored mine so closely, and your review was so positive and helpful, that I made the leap two days ago, and I’m pleased that I did. Mail, Calendar and Contacts all work a treat.

    The only significant issue, as you observed, is the different philosophy around labels/folders. I use filters to add labels to incoming emails (so they stay in my inbox) so I can archive them when I’m finished with them without having to label them manually. That doesn’t work in eM Client – the labels are ignored, despite the fact that you can copy emails to multiple folders. So I have to file stuff manually. I haven’t experimented with rules yet.

    Other than that, the integration with Google services appears seamless. Thanks for the review.


  8. Thank you so much for this excellent article! I have got my gmail account up and going on eM client in 5 minutes. That was ten minutes ago, and I am already SO happy that I can have the client up without having to go to an internet window. I have a feeling i’m really going to like this…. 🙂

  9. Installed eM Client today because I cannot open my GMail
    account. I guessed (correctly) that I could see my GMail Inbox
    in eM Client.

    There is a problem thought with regards to security. When
    I click on the EM Client icon the GMail Inbox is there to see.

    Is there a way by which a password is required to open
    eM Client?

    Have a good day!

    1. Not that I know of. You would need to install eM Client on a Windows user account that only you have access to.

      I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve come across that feature (needing to log in to the email client application) on any of the clients I’ve used in the past: Eudora, Outlook or Thunderbird.

  10. Hello Sir!

    I have a problem with synchronization between gmail calendar an eM Client’s Agenda (Tne bar that is on the right in eM client) !
    So, when I’m working or staying on Mail section in eM with expanded Agenda bar on it, at the same time in the assosiated with eM client gmail account, I created a new event in Google Calendar . So, the big problem is that when I’m looking again in Agenda bar and this event … is still not there, I can see only old events !!! I had to wait 15 minutes (although the settings in eM Client – Tools>>Settings and checked off Synchronise items every … 1 minutes). In this way I might omit any important event, wrote from my coleague, because Agenda bar not shows me on time his event! I have to go back and forth in every minute between Mail section and Calendar section in eM client in order to properly update Agenda bar!!! But if I have no time and must work hard at the same time over any email – Agenda bar is refreshed after … 15 min, this is a very long time.

    Thanks in advanse Sir!

  11. Unfortunately emClient is broken when it comes to gmail multifactor authentication. The OAuth2 APIs which are used by many clients and services just doesn’t work with emClient and the company, whilst acknowledging the problem and not fixing it, simply suggests turning off security to get round the issue! This is both irresponsible and shows appalling customer care for paid users. Tehy’re more interested in adding a dark theme skin then making it work properly. Shame, it had great promise.

  12. Getting error while installing. Error is
    “There is a problem with windows installer package. A program run as part of the setup didn’t finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor”

    Help me if any body has solution.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Thank you for the review! I downloaded Em Client yesterday and so far, am satisfied. Is it possible to put it on an Android cell? i downloaded the software yesterday but the phone won’t run the setup file. Is there a separate download I’m not finding? If not, do I just run Google’s Inbox instead on the Android?

  14. I was happy with EM Client until recently, having moved from Eudora which was no longer working well.

    Now I repeatedly get an error message telling me eM Client cannot connect to my email at my gmail address. Any ideas? Please email me.

    I am a fellow Scot living a long time in the Philippines.

  15. How do I get rid of eM client ? I use Gmail and can’t stop a dozen or more technical enquiries arriving daily for me to join in the debate.

  16. It just astounds me that the ONE thing that the internet was made for– email communication– essentially, is the ONE thing that it STILL (a half-century later) CANNOT get right!? Gah!

    I like Em-Client & have told other people about it but it has a “flakiness” to it that other programs just don’t. It installs & runs fine, then a few days or weeks later, it doesn’t (insert error code here). I really want it to work, too.

    PS: people who have Outlook email they need to access with Em-client can do so. Make a folder on the desktop to hold the messages. Open Outlook in a non-maximized window, highlight the messages you want–> drag them to the folder you made. Now, they’re individual messages which can be opened by Em-client.

  17. I started using eM Client a few days ago. Syncing to my gmail has been a problem. In my Gmail account I have quite a few folders (i.e. family), that has many emails in it. Yet, on the eM Client program, while the folder shows up, it is empty. How do I get the mails located in the Gmail folder to sync over to the eM Client “Family” folder? This would include any subfolders with their emails as well?

    1. Right-click the name of your Gmail account in eM Client and select Properties. On the Repair tab click the Repair button. That will resynchronize the local cache from the Google Mail server.

      See if that works.

      1. Thanks for answering. I did this twice with repair and nothing happened. The folders are still blank. One folder out of about 40 had 1 email in it and still has 1 email. Looking in my Gmail account, I checked to make sure that all of the folders still have all of their emails, which they do. I am trying to replace the eM Client program for the Windows 10 Mail program. When I go into eM Client Menu/File/Import, it brings up a window which as quite a few programs to click on, one of which is Windows 10 Mail. However, when I click on this, I get an error message that says “the program is not installed.” I know it is installed because I still use it at times because it did sync all of the Gmail folders and their contents when installed. In searching the net, it was mentioned that this error message is probably because Windows 10 does not support Mail. I don’t know this for a fact, but it seems reasonable. Can you suggest anything else I can try in eM Client?

      2. There was one other piece of information. When I click on Refresh, the Operations window shows:
        “Time, [IMAP] Synchronizing subfolders: For folder’

        This is done for every folder and subfolder in the Gmail site. Yet, nothing shows up in the folders of eM Client.

  18. Great review. I have recently started using eM Client for personal stuff at home, and it is working very well for me.

    I did have a question about your folder structure. What is the “Hold” folder used for?

    1. Hi Michael, I seem to remember I got the idea for this folder from somewhere, but I can’t remember where. I generally have four parent folders:

      Action is the parent for ongoing projects and concerns: things that I need access to quickly and frequently. Once the project or event has finished I will either delete or archive these emails and delete the folder/label.

      Hold is the parent for projects that I have paused or are no longer a priority but which I expect I will return to at some point. It just means that I don’t lose the organisation. I will generally move these from Action, and when I’m ready to return to them I move them back.

      Waiting for is the parent for actions that I’m waiting for others to complete, including long-term orders. So, for instance, I currently have a Kickstarter folder in there. I backed a Kickstarter campaign and this won’t be shipped for a few months, so rather than tripping over it in the Action folder, I moved it to the Waiting for parent folder.

      Archive is the parent for stuff that I want to… you’ve guessed it: archive.

      I hope that helps.

  19. Bonjour,
    J’aimerais utiliser eM Client sur mon smarphone. Existe-t-il une version ? Merci pour la réponse ! Cordialement.

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