Our three year old kept waking up too hot during the night. What we did will blow your mind!

Open window. (Photo credit: Mattox on Free Images)
Open window. (Photo credit: Mattox on Free Images)

Those Upworthy style headlines that have been popping up everywhere are annoying, aren’t they.

I’m not the only one to found this. Dean Burnett from The Guardian has. Duncan Stephen from the University of St Andrews digital communications team has. They got CNN into trouble a couple of months ago, when used rather irresponsibly.

Anyway, young Isaac (3) has been repeatedly waking up during the night pouring with sweat: far too hot. We’ve had to change his pyjamas sometimes twice during the night.

What did we do to sort it out? Erm… we opened his bedroom window a little bit and got some air circulating in his room.

Mind blown?