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Screenshot of Microsoft Money 2005

Despite not being developed for over 15 years, Microsoft Money 2005 still works perfectly in Windows 10 (and as far as I can see, also Windows 11) but you will need to download and install the last-available versions. This post explains how.

I’ve been using Microsoft Money to manage my personal finances (such as they are) since about 1996. Today I upgraded to the last version that was produced for the UK by Microsoft: Microsoft Money 2005 (version; in contrast the US edition went on until version 17.

I used the 16-bit Microsoft Money version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 for about seven years, until I upgraded to Windows XP in 2003. I then moved to Money 2004 and had all but given up hope that I could obtain the last localised UK edition (2005) until I discovered this afternoon that Microsoft now make it available to download for free (see below for links).

Import RBS transactions

I’m a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer and they still make all my statements available for download in Microsoft Money format (.ofx) which I can then import and track, which is really helpful.

Bills and deposits

I’ve set up in Money all my regular bills and deposits (e.g. mortgage payment, direct debits, salary) and so I can see what bills are still to go out, and when I’m next due to be paid. It really keeps me on top of all our accounts; we currently have about 11 accounts including credit cards and the boys’ Rainbow Savings accounts.


One of the most useful functions I find is the ability to categorise payments and deposits which is great for setting a budget, and tracking just exactly where our money has gone.

This month, for example, I can see that we’ve spent £242.34 on food, £253.76 on fuel (!!) and withdrawn a total of £150 from cash machines (including supermarket cashback facilities).

I found the reports a little buggy in Money 2004, in 2005 they are much improved.


The upgrade I found painless. I backed-up my Money 2004 (.mny) file, uninstalled Money 2004 and installed Money 2005 its the default location. On the first run I opened my existing Money file which 2005 ably and promptly upgraded and I was good to go.

Windows 10 and Windows 11

In my experience, Microsoft Money 2005 works with both Windows 10 Home and Pro. I have experienced absolutely no problems whatsoever.

In my limited experience so far, Microsoft Money 2005 also works with Windows 11.

Build 10240 (July 2015) workaround

In 2015, some users posted saying that Microsoft Money 2005 didn’t work with Windows 10 build 10240 (July 2015). It threw an error saying that “Money required Internet Explorer 6 to function properly. Please reinstall Internet Explorer 6 so these components can be added”.

The workaround for getting Microsoft Money 2005 to work with Windows 10 build 10240 can be found here:

It involves a registry change.

Alternative applications

Since Microsoft halted development, I have been tempted to move to another application. But to be honest, Microsoft Money 2005 does what I need from a personal finance application, and I can’t really justify the expense or hassle of moving to another, unfamiliar application. lists a number of alternatives to Microsoft Money.

Restore Microsoft Money online quotes

Dan Gaier is a former Microsoft Money developer who has written a tool—MSMoneyQuotes—that will update your quotes:

MSMoneyQuotes can open your Money file (including password protected ones), obtain the list of securities in your portfolio, make calls to MSN Money’s new quote services to fetch data for these securities, and update your Money file.

It follows nearly the same logic as the original Money code in terms of updating this information, and includes data such as last, change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, PE, market cap and volume. It also handles pounds to pence price conversions for you UK users.

It can be run throughout the day, knows when to add vs. update an existing price entry, and can be run while you have Money open or closed.

More advice

The Microsoft (MS) Money FAQ, Help and Information website is a wonderful resource.


I’m happy with Microsoft Money, I’ve been using for years, I’m familiar with it, I trust it and it really keeps me on top of my finances.

You can download the localised UK, US and international versions here.

UK version

Or Microsoft Money 2005 (QFE2) UK from Money MVPS

For anyone who really needs the Microsoft Money 2004 UK edition (105 MB).

USA version

International edition

Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc.

Microsoft Money 2005 International – QFE2 (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc.)

Money in Excel (USA only)

Microsoft have now started to offer their own alternative to Money 2005, Money in Excel.

This template is currently available only for Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscribers in the United States of America, apparently with plans to roll it out more globally later.

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Gareth Saunders

I’m Gareth J M Saunders, 52 years old, 6′ 4″, father of 3 boys (including twins). Enneagram type FOUR and introvert (INFP), I am a non-stipendiary priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, I sing with the NYCGB alumni choir, play guitar, play mahjong, write, draw and laugh… Scrum master at Safeguard Global; latterly at Sky and Vision/Cegedim. Former web architect and agile project manager at the University of St Andrews and previously warden at Agnes Blackadder Hall.

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  1. I am the treasurer for 2 local groups and have used Money (don’t know which version) and Quicken 1998 (!) for years. My old computer has reached its sell-by date and neither of these will move to Windows 7.
    I know I can export my Quicken files into a .QIF format which will open under Money, although I haven’t done it, and I cannot think there will be any problem in Money 2005 reading my older-version files. So it looks like you are my answer!!
    Can I run 2 separate systems so I can keep the 2 charities separate?

      1. I hope this works for me, as I lost my password on my existing money file. If this free money file works, then I’m happy. Please advise if this free monewy file exists,


      1. I’ve used Money since early 2000’s after moving over from Quicken. i’ve tried numerous other packages but not found anything near as good as Money.
        I moved from Windows to a Mac in 2015 and have been running Money on Windows 7 ever since then as a Virtual machine on the Mac using VMWare Fusion to enable it to work. It runs great and hopefully this will ensure I can run it ‘forever’.
        Special thanks to Gareth for keeping this site going, I’ve just decided to upgrade to 2005 version from the 2004 one.

  2. Hi Gareth.
    I’ve used MS Money 2002 successfully for nearly 10 years but in June 2012 it caused problems on my Vista machine and somehow I found the link to download Money 2005 UK – QFE2 (I think that version anyway) and it worked beautifully. Stupidly at the time I must have ‘run’ instead of ‘saved to downloads’ a copy because I can’t find a workable link so I’m assuming Microsoft have taken it down. It’s just that I have (stupidly) upgraded to Windows 8 and need to reinstall Money but the US sunset version just won’t recognise my *mbf and *mny file backups and an export/import provides ridiculous results. I suppose what i’m saying is do you have a CD copy of the UK version (or workable link) you could let me have? I’d be very willing to provide a donation to your Church and I don’t believe you’d be contravening any copy rites as the download was originally provided free by MS. I know I’m clutching at straws here but MS Money has always been my favourite programme and I’m lost without it to manage my finances.

  3. Hi
    I stubbled across this post and was amazed that I would be able to get a copy of Money 2005 (UK version) but it looks like Microsoft have removed it as the link no longer works. Would it be possible to get a copy from yourself, if you need me to I could send you a blank cd or USB stick with a self addressed envelope if you could help it would be really appreciated.

  4. Dear Anthony, thank you for the link. You actually posted it just as I was uploading the EXE file to my webserver to link to here, so it was very timely.

    (Apologies for the delay in replying to these requests, we’ve had various health issues as a family over the last six months or so. All on the mend now.)

      1. Dear Anthony

        Thank you. I have used MS Money for more than ten years and, previously, have been able to transfer it from 3.1 to XP to Vista to Windows 7 but, this time, I was unable to get it to work in Windows 8 until I found your link.

        Thank you.


  5. Thanks, you’ve just saved my life for the next few weeks ! The MS links don’t seem to be working so get the EXE from you was a godsend.

  6. Gareth, I have just downloaded your ” Download Microsoft Money 2005 for free”. This is after my ancient copy of Quicken finally gave up the ghost.
    The opening page arrived of with music but a password is required. Can you help please. Very many thanks. Gerald

    1. Hi Gerald, oh, I don’t know — was this once it had installed and you were running the application, or during installation? Was it trying to open a Microsoft Money data file? That’s when it asks for a password for me.

      1. Dear Gareth, I believe you’ve heard already about the problems of converting files from MS Money 99 to MS Money Plus sunset.
        I found this tip I should install first MS Money 2005 and convert my data file, after this I should be able to install MS Money Plus sunset and work with my old files.
        Tip found at:
        The problem is that I have tried this, but MS 2005 did not open my file. At the link above, they also say you could try MS Money version 2004 as a “workaround”, but I cannot find this version to download it. Do you have any suggestion how I can migrate to MS Money Plus Sunset being able to open my old MS Money 99 files? Really appreciate any help..thanks Ana.

    2. The password is in your money file (from your previous version) that the software is trying to open, not in the software itself. Hope this helps.

  7. Yesterday, I decided to have yet another try at fixing my Money 2005 laptop problems (ongoing since 2009 and unsolved although have been using Money since 1997). Saw your blog (via Google) and literally decided to give the “potting shed” a twirl.
    Read your comments, downloaded, found a French patch (available since Sept 2012 apparently) executed… then got cold feet and closed down my computer! Five hours later, I connected my external hard drive with the latest backup of Money from my Netbook, clicked on Money and held my breath. I’m still alive, breathing and it worked!!!!!!! Total Recall!
    To say thank you doesn’t seem sufficient and no superlative can convey how much I appreciate your help, so to (mis)quote Bertie Wooster “Gareth, how can I repay you? Ask of me up to half my kingdom…..”. Hope all your family health issues are now behind you. Thanks.

  8. Thank you so much for this, I have recently changed my pc (Windows 8) and have managed to get most functions that I had on my old pc but really missed being able to use M. Money. I can now keep track of my finances and be familiar with the programme. Happy, happy!!

  9. Brilliant!!! – just happened to drop on this site today and download the program for money 2005. I have been using microsft money since I bought my first computer back in 1997. I have tried other software packages but nothing does the job like MS money. I have delayed transfering all my data onto a new Solid state hard drive that I recently bough until I was sure I could get Money 2005 back up running on my laptop first. I have spent days trying to get this to work when my PC has crashed or been in for a repair. Now I have an easy workable solution.
    Many Thanks

  10. What joy!!
    Downloaded UK version and it works fine. I have had my old laptop wrapped in cotton wool with all internet access barred, just to preserve my old money programs, as I could not bear to lose them.

  11. Thank you for the information supplied on this blog, it has been very helpful in changing my files from Money99 to 2005, however I am having one issue with 2005 which I cannot seem to fix. The budgets work on calendar year and I cannot seem to change to financial year. Does anyone know of a fix for this, or a work around, as if I cannot get this altered it doesn’t look like 2005 will work for me and I haven’t been able to transfer my data into any later versions of money, it keeps telling me I cannot open the file because it has been created in a different version on Money. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    1. That’s an interesting question, Cherie. For which, unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. I see in Settings > Tax Settings that you can enter the start date of the tax year, but there isn’t anything to determine the fiscal year, and like you I can’t see a way to set a budget based on that calendar — I guess this is revealing Microsoft Money’s focus on personal rather than business finance.

  12. I’m having no luck getting this download to work – I’ve tried using the .exe download suggested by Anthony (& the other link for the patch), both of which were downloaded successfully, & Money appears on my list of programmes to uninstall. But I can’t get it to run…. I keep going round in circles where Money tells me it is installing, I click finish & it tells me that Money is ready – yet it never is. I’m not particularly computer literate so assume I must be missing something obvious here!

    My lovely, shiny new notebook runs on Windows 8, & sadly doesn’t have a disk drive for me to install my ancient Money disc….

    Thanks in advance & hope.

  13. Thank you for the US link. I was not able to start Money 2005 with my new computer until I downloaded this new version.

  14. For the last couple of months Money 2005 has failed to update my online shares asscoiated with the program. I have tried on another machine where the same program that I downloaded from you is also behaving exactly the same. For example the latest Llyods TSB share price is showing the same value on both stand alone machines. Seems like it has reached a point when it’s switched off updating.

  15. Thank you Gareth (and contributor Anthony Shaw) very much for advising about the “free” upgrade to Money 2005.

    I’ve been a user of Money since 1996, and Money 2003 run on Vista was until today, the version used weekly.

    Sooner rather than later I fear I’m going to be forced into a new system running Win7/8.

    I also echo Robert Brooks’ comment Saturday 20 July 2013 about failure (in my case Money 2003 & now 2005) to update online share prices. [Or rather, it ‘updates’ the apparent date, but not the price!]

  16. Thank you so much for giving the link for the UK version of MS Money 2005. Like you I have been using Money for ages. Earlier this week my current 2005 version gave up the ghost and crashed every time I fired it up. I tried all sorts or workarounds – all my finances are on Money so it was a bit important to fix the problem!!! Then, boom, I came across your blog. Problem sorted! One very grateful man here!

    Question: can one still use Microsoft Account – previously known as Microsoft Passport / Windows Live – to back up Money? I know I could with earlier versions.

  17. Just a note to say thank you for this post. I have been using Money 2004 for more years than I can remember (probably 9, as it’s now 2013) and for no apparent reason it stopped working this morning. You have saved me endless frustration as all my financial details are in it and I was unable to open the file. Thank you!

  18. I’ve had the problem that share price updates haven’t occurred after 30June 2013. I quotes todays date but no update. Is there another web link which would work?

  19. Hi Gareth
    I cannot thank you enough for the link to MS Money 2005 UK. I have been using the program since 1992 and have 17 open accounts and 31 closed. I have recently bought a new Windows 8 PC and the original Money software installed but would not update. I tried the MS Money Sunset version but that wouldn’t recognise my data. The thought of installing another program with all the issues of categories, transfers, payments, deposits, closed and open accounts was filling me with dread.

    Then I found your link on Google. What a relief! I installed the software, opened my Money file and everything was back to normal.

    I was about to spend £25 on BankTree finance software, so can I send that amount to you as a donation.

    Many thanks once again.

  20. Thank your for help my money program works fine now. No share updates though but a once a week manual update keeps me ok. Funds seem to update still.

  21. Can someone please help, I have downloaded the Microsoft Money 2005 UK version in order to attempt to open some back up files constructed under Money 1998 but as soon as I run the program it asks for a password which I do not have . Does anybody know the password necessary to open and run this program.Please excuse my ignorance if I have overlooked something obvious. In anticipation of somebody’s assistance I thank you.

  22. Thank you so very much Mr. Saunders for your concern, the program is now responding correctly and all my files are back on my computer. It was down to a technical hitch in as much as I thought I knew how stupid I could be but I didn’t realize how with age the parameters of my foolishness had expanded. It does help if the executive files are used. Once again, thank you very much,Terry

  23. My version of Money 2005 (UK) stopped showing me my portfolio. I have tried downloading a replacement version of Money, and also tried running my original CD. In both cases,I am getting a box saying “Money set up” “The AUTORUN,INF file is missing or corrupt”. There is an autorun file sitting on he CD but I do not have the knowledge to know if it really is corrupt.

    Any ideas what I should now would be greatly appreciated. (Fortunately, I do have a working version of the program hidden away on an ancient laptop. so all is not lost).

    Many thanks. Nigel

    1. When you say that it’s stopped showing your portfolio, is this related to share prices that you previously downloaded from the internet? I think Microsoft have stopped that feature now, which might explain why you can’t see it.

      Regarding the installation issues, one thought is that you might need to delete your temp files. Open Explorer and in the address bar type %temp% then hit Enter. It will take you to your default Windows temp files folder. Select them all and delete them — you may need to reboot and do it a couple of times before most of them go. I’ve found that has helped me with installation issues in the past.

  24. Thanks a lot for you reply. The loss of my portfolio page did not seem related to the share price update failure after 01 July. It just happened out of the blue. It is of academic interest now because I uninstalled money. Now I cant get it back.

    I have been into Windows and the temp folder is empty. %temp% on drive C produces a whole bunch of files which dont look related to anything temporary! I searched for autorun, and deleted it where I found it. But it is still on my program disc. Mmmmm. Not sure what to try next. Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  25. Hi
    I just wanted to add my thanks to this long list = )
    I recently lost my hard drive but had backups of 2005, so thought I could reinstall to new HDD and recover the backup. Many hours of frustration later (what do you mean, incorrect password? How very dare you! etc etc) I realise this is because I didn’t create a patched CD. Only self to blame, but I missed that one. All the forums are full of woe about how that’s it, you’re not in the US so Sunset is not an option and then, in the wee small hours, I found your link. I have installed and all is fine, I am smiling so hard I have developed a flip top head. Thank you sooooo much. I’m not sure whether I can can reciprocate, but readers may be interested to learn that a Linux Insert 2 CD can recover a total IDE failure on a Windows XP pc (without having to swap OS, so you get your Xp back!). Share and we all move forward…

  26. “Money is already running”

    I wonder if anyone can help.

    I have been running the Sunset edition for ages on my Windows 7 pc and have had no problems. Recently however I always get the message “Money is already running” when I try to reload it.
    The only way round this problem is to re-boot the pc and then it will work first time but will not reload without a further reboot. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Charles, as far as I’m aware the ‘Sunset’ version is designed for use in the US only.
      If you are in the UK may I suggest you back up your Money files, uninstall Sunset and download and install Money from the links above (my version is Be aware that Microsoft now appear to have abandoned Money completely and there is now no facility to download bank statements or automatically update portfolio prices.

  27. Ron

    Thanks for your reply. I have been using the Sunset edition for ages in the UK and it is working fine apart from the problem of not closing.

    Bank statements can still be read. Download the statement from your banks site and then choose to File, Import carefully selecting the account you want it read into.

    To answer my own problem the best solution I can find is to start the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del), Select Processes and highlight msmoney.exe *32 and choose to End Process. You can then reload Microsoft Money without rebooting the pc. By the way I am running Windows 7.

    It would be interesting to hear of any other solutions!

  28. Hi

    now here is a difficult one, I am running money version 11.0 old I know in my xp virtual machine within a window os laptop it backs up using mbf files, I have tried to use 2005 from you and it will not work, I am useless at all this any help
    ps I now have a windows 8 new laptop and am happy to run my old windows 7 one with my beloved money on it

    1. I have Microsoft Money version installed on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. It’s not the Sunset edition, as far as I can tell but “Money 2005 UK – QFE2” (where QFE stands for Quick Fix Engineering – Hotfix).

      The description I have for it is: “Money 2005 QFE’s were traditionally delivered using an in-product download and update mechanism. The infrastructure for maintaining that system has been deprecated. As such, we are providing an alternate download method for Money 2005 users to receive the latest QFE bits.”

      This version appears not to be available any more from the Microsoft website but the link in the post above does still work.

      I would think that the Sunset edition works too — I think that’s a US-only version. I’m sure I installed it at one point out of curiosity.

  29. I have just had to rebuild my PC after a “restore system to default”. Most things have come back OK and with backups I was able to get my files back. The only problem I had was MS Money. I had an old disc which looks like MS Money 2004 but couldn’t open my files and after installing sunset versions couldn’t open files either.
    I have now installed MS Money 2005 (UK) and it is working perfectly. I am very relieved. Though I may look at a suitable upgrade path just to use a newer better supported version for the future.

    1. Unfortunately, there is nothing to equal or better Money. Haven’t needed any support in the time that I have been using this, the last ever, version. It works perfectly!

  30. Gareth, a big thank you from me. I’ve been using Money 2004 for many years and a previous version before that.
    Recently my 2004 started giving me problems which a re-install fixed. But failure of the programme to start re-occured to day and I’ve been trying to sort it out all afternoon with several installations and removals of Sunset Plus and several reinstallations and removals of 2004, all to no avail.
    Then Having used your download for Money 2005 I’m up and running fine again. (Win XP btw)
    Thank you again.

  31. Hi
    I am using win 8 and MS Money 2002 v10. Cant go to Win 8.1 as application assistant says it will not work. I had a few probs when I went to Win8. I tried to use the US Sunset package and it corrupted my registry. 2002 installation and all the * .mbf and *.mny files. Its taken all day to get back after a system restore and re-installation.
    Does this download need any Key? can it be installed as a standalone? do I need to remove Mny 2002 first.

    1. Hi Ian, to answer your questions:

      • This download does not need a key; it was released by Microsoft for free when they withdrew support for the software.
      • It can be installed as a standalone application, it doesn’t need to be installed over the top of a previous version.
      • If it were me, I would make sure your money data file was safely backed-up, then uninstall Money 2002, reboot, install Money 2005 UK QFE2, then open your Money 2002 file in that version.

      Here’s the info from the webpage (which I saved before Microsoft took it offline):

      Money 2005 UK – QFE2
      Quick Fix Engineering – Hotfix

      Money 2005 QFE’s were traditionally delivered using an in-product download and update mechanism. The infrastructure for maintaining that system has been deprecated. As such, we are providing an alternate download method for Money 2005 users to receive the latest QFE bits.

      System requirements
      Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
      Same requirements as original RTM version of Money 2005

      1. Download the self-extracting setup file to your local computer.
      2. Double click to begin installation wizard. Can be installed on top of RTM version or stand-alone.

      I hope that helps.

  32. Thankyou very much I have removed Mny 2002 installed your download in Win 8 and all works well I can even read the .mny that the delux sunset converted / corrupted. All works well but I guess I have to re-install all again when I go to 8.1. Anyone know if 8.1 is worth the trouble? After I went to 8 I had to buy a whole lot of new s/ware Office Photoshop, Acrinos TI etc but I still lost a lot that came with old hardware. It has taken months to get all the old programmes working and as I do not have a touch screen I wonder if it was worth the effort.The interesting thing is while upgrade assistant for 8.1 said Mny 2002 was incompatible from 7 to 8 the advice I was given was if it worked in 7 it would in 8. It did but the backup always hung on the first attempt. This version is very quick to back up though.
    Thanks again

  33. Magic I contacted MS via chat and they told me I would have to reload All my old third Party programmes. I asked why Aps came across But Pogs like True Image, Photoshop and Office did not and got the same standard answer “you have reload All Programmes. I still think of Aps as programmes so could not understand. I get lots of e-mails urging me to go to 8.1 but is it worth the hassel?.

  34. Wow, wow, wow !!! Mr Saunders you saved my life !
    I used to own MS Money 2002, and had it installed on my old PC at work for years. Yesterday, I decided to start with new financial resolutions and installed the lastest MS Money Plus Deluxe, the system asked me if I wanted to delete MS Money 2002, sure! Then I found out that the backup file was not compatible with the new version :/ and worse of all, I could not find my Money 2002 DVD last night.
    So this morning made a search for “Money free downloads” online, found this thread. Installed MS Money 2005, restored my 2002 backup, and Bob’s your uncle!!! Thanks so so much! If you like a photo on my blog/website, let me know, I’ll send it to you! 🙂

  35. I will join the countless others grateful to you for posting this information and link to 2005. I’ve used Money for years – never seen the need to change or use anything else. I recently bought a new laptop and very reluctantly succumbed to Windows 8 – my version of Microsoft Money 2002 installed fine but could I get it to open my MNY file or restore from a back-up? No chance. I had almost exhausted all avenues before finding this incredibly useful and informative post. Installed 2005 from the link and my file opened first time – made my day. Thanks again – you’ve saved me hours and hours of wasted time.

  36. To start with, a great big thank you Gareth for keeping this version going, I’d been using an old version on both my desktop and laptop, when the desktop one started playing up, I loaded your version yesterday and all seem’s well, only one niggle, I can’t get it to stay out of “pie” mode and in “bar” mode, it reverts back every time when shut down.
    Thank’s so much again. Alan

  37. Hi Gareth.
    Thank you so much for posting this. I have used MS Money for years, but the version I had was running on an old XP laptop which was grinding to a halt. I downloaded the MS Money Sunset, but that would not open my old money file. I found a post that said Sunset would only open US versions. I was in despair because I thought I was about to lose 11 years of financial history and then I found your site. I have installed MS Money 2005 on my Windows 8 computer without problem and it has opened my old MS Money 2002 file again without problem. Thank you for your help! Sarah.

  38. Read all of the various comments with interest as like all, I have an old version (v11.0) of money that has been increasingly unreliable. This morning it started crashing whenever I opened the investment portfolio. Having read all the comments I bit the bullet and downloaded Money 2005 from the link at the top.
    Unfortunately the problem that I seem to have is that the program hangs when I try and convert my existing money file to 2005. I have also gone back to an earlier back-up in case the MNY file was corrupted.
    Is there a known problem with the conversion of older version files to 2005 and anything that I need to so to solve my rather critical issue?
    Thanks like everyone for any help or solution that you can offer, Jon

  39. You are a life saver. I have been using Microsoft Money for many years and had vast amounts of current and historical financial data. I had my data backed up ( many times), but not the program – after all it is available from Microsoft isn’t it?. I needed to re-build my computer, which I decided to do from scratch, as it was not quite 100%. When it came to re-installing Money, I found Microsoft now only offer the plus sunset version – well O.K. except I find it cannot read the 2005 files. That’s when my blood started to boil, calmed only by your website and a copy of Money 2005 which has got me going again – Many thanks.

  40. Thank you so much! I have just moved to a new windows 8 PC and Money was the only application I was having issues with, and unfortunately the one I would miss the most if I couldn’t get it up and running.

    Thanks to you I am back in business and can continue to be a control freak around whats happening with my finances 🙂

  41. Can anyone tell me how I can get my Money 2005 I think UK version into a format I can import into Quicken? The Sunset version of Money will not allow me to convert the data in my current file, it says Money can’t open the file because it was created using a different version of Money – I think something to do with UK & US versions. I have loads of years of data in Money, but I think the time has come to upgrade to a different program, but cant seem to get it in a version some of these different programs like Quicken will open. I dont want to lose all that data.

    1. Have you tried File > Export? It looks like you can export your account data (one account at a time) to a .qif (Quicken Interchange Format) file. There are two options when you export too: loose or strict, which seems to be about character limits in categories and other names:

      Loose QIF
      The full names of Money categories and other names will be exported and both classifications will be exported. Applications other than Money may not be able to read this format.

      Strict QIF
      Only the first 15 characters of category names and other names will be exported and only classification 1 will be exported. This format is compatible with all applications that read QIF files.

      As I said, it looks like you have to export your accounts one by one. Does that help?

      1. Gareth’s sound advice should work for you – I did the same. Just be aware though that ‘older’ data may not be imported successfully. Also ensure that if you have ‘investment accounts’ that you also export/import the associated ‘cash’ accounts at the same time otherwise you’ll get weird results. I’d also recommend using a little used account (like a deposit as opposed to current/cheque account) on your first trial run. Depending on how many accounts you have it is time consuming but worth the effort.

      2. Hi Gareth,
        I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to find your Blog on this huge MS Money issue !!!!

        I’m in the middle of moving my applications and asociated files from my old XP machine to a new Win 8.1 machine and discovered to my horror that my .mny file with 10yrs+ data wouldn’t open on the new machine.

        My XP machine had ver installed but when I installed Money on the new Win 8.1 machine using the original CD/DVD it was ver

        Installing the file from the link you provided solved the problem – ver is now installed on my new machine and I can open my file again !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Thank you very much !

        Cheers, MarkC

  42. Thanks for saving my accounting sanity now that I have Money 2005 which works fine on Windows 8. One problem I have notice is that there is a bug in “Reports” only “Categories” works not “Payees”. Have you come across this and do you know of a work round?

  43. Thanks. This was a real life saver as many have already said. I have a valid install disk but was not able to get it to read my money file after install on new PC with Windows 8.1 but now with your file all seems well and of course is running at a hugely faster speed now with my 90mb money file. Migration to an alternative just never seems worth considering or possible and you have helped put off that requirement for maybe another 10 years to when I get my next PC.

  44. Love Money 2005. I knew I was going to have to move to Windows 8.1 so I installed 2005 (replacing Money 98) to my old XP machine and had several weeks of faultless familiarisation. But, I’ve now installed it on my new 8.1 machine and copied my 2005 file over and I have a real problem… after I have entered a few transactions the file gets “rolled back” to the point where I copied it over! I can go in and out of Money several times and the transactions are there, but after 3/5 times they get rolled back. It’s driving me crazy. Anyone come across this? I’ve turned off Back-up, tried entering 1 transaction at a time, not putting withdrawals in at the same time as deposits… gone around in circles basically. I use Money on a daily basis, so I’m having to run it for now, all on it’s lonesome, on the old machine but I can’t do that forever.

    1. I’ve certainly not come across this; I’m running it on Windows 8, however (I’ve not attempted the upgrade to 8.1 yet after the last few attempts failed).

      So you upgraded your Money 98 (.MNY) data file to 2005, then opened it in Money 2005, make some changes but it gets rolled back to the state it was when you upgraded it from Money 98, is that correct?

      Where does the file get rolled back from?! Is it from an internal version control, perhaps?

      Have you tried the upgrade again of your Money 98 file?

  45. You have saved my life! I used Money 2002 for so long, it never occurred to me to upgrade as I was happy with the basic programme – and then I lost the disc. I’ve downloaded 2005 UK and all is well, both on my laptop and desktop. Thank you!!!

    1. @Steviephee — I guess it depends on the bank. Automatic downloads are no longer available from Money 2005 (since Microsoft removed Microsoft Passport). I’m with the Royal Bank of Scotland and I can manually download something like 7 years’ worth of data. Ask your bank for details, I guess.

  46. have downloaded the link ok but when I try to open it, it is asking for a password and will not accept anything I try. is there a specific password to get into this programme.

    1. Hi Richard, I’ve not come across that before. I’ve just downloaded the UK version again and run the installer and it ran without prompting for a password. Is that the version you were trying to install?

      Perhaps you could download it again?

  47. Thank you so much for this help. I have just upgraded my PC’s Windows version from XP Home Edition to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I installed my old copy of Microsoft Money from the original installation disc. It says “Microsoft Money Standard” on the box with the copyright saying 2004. I assume that means it is Microsoft Money 2004.

    I had a terrible time trying to access the Money files I had saved from the previous XP installation. I kept getting a message saying the Money was not able to open the find the file I had just pointed to. I followed the advice on Microsoft’s forum saying I should install the Sunset version you refer to above, but it said it couldn’t open my Money files because they were created with an older version.

    But, the Money 2005 version that you link to above works just fine. I am so relieved as I have 10 years worth of financial transactions and investment history that I thought I had lost for good. Thank you again for posting this helpful advice.

  48. Hi Graham. Thank you very much indeed for posting this. I’ve not found anything to replace MS Money and I was afraid that moving to my new PC would cause endless problems. The transition has been seamless, my old file converted with no problems at all, and I am now up and running on something mush faster than before. Again my grateful thanks.

  49. Hello Revd Gareth, I like the look of your site, it’s very clear. I wonder if you can help me.
    I have a cd with my money data on it. I made the cd some time ago and can’t find the disc with the programme on it. Now microsoft don’t support it any more. I actually knew this but didn’t take any action.
    Now I can’t open the data on the cd. Oh and I’ve also changed laptops in the meantime, the old one crashed out.
    I’ve tried downloading the programme as advised and it’s now on my hard drive. My problem is I can’t open the cd. it just keeps sending me round in circles.
    I’m not very computer savvy. I’ve been out of the workplace for nearly ten years now so don’t have helpful colleagues to refer to.
    Do you have any simple advice that can help me get back to these old records?
    Many thanks in anticipation,

  50. Thank you so much for the link to the 2005 UK version! I thought I was going to have to keep my old dying XP PC going for ever. Just got Windows 8.1 PC today and have finally managed to get my Money files to open in the newly downloaded application. I tried the deluxe Sunset version first but it didn’t work.
    Regarding the password problem mentioned by Richard (above), I got the same problem. I managed to overcome it by clicking on File, New Account and that let me in and allowed me to set that I didn’t want a password.

  51. Hello Gareth. Like you I have used MS Money on my PC for many years and am very satisfied with it. I am now considering changing over to Mac. Do you know if MS Money 2005 can be installed on a Mac and whether I would be able to transfer all my existing PC files/data ? I have to say I know very little about Mac but some friends have been saying that it is far superior to a PC. We now have an iPad and am considering an iPhone and know that they all talk to each other, so I can see some advantages for making a change – apart from the initial cost ! I would welcome any advice.

    Thanks, Philip

      1. Hi Gareth.
        Thanks for that. I will have a look to see what they say. If I do eventually make the plunge to Mac, I will let you know how it goes.

        1. Hi Philip, no problem. Yeah, I’d be interested to know. The Windows vs Mac debate is an interesting one. I think there’s more flexibility with Windows PC hardware, which can cause problems — Apple seems to lock down its hardware a lot more which obviously makes it easier to write software for, which can make them appear more stable. At the end of the day they are both computers and are subject to problems. I have lots of friends with Macs which have problems every now and then, and work near our IT Services department who’ve probably seen every MacBook in the place! For me Windows 8 is the most stable and fastest version of Windows yet — I’m really happy with it. I can’t remember the last time I shouted at my PC, saying “I JUST WANT IT TO WORK!” as I used to with Windows XP, for instance.

  52. Hi Gareth,

    I would just like to add my vote of thanks for your blog and your links to Money 2005.

    After my hard disk died I had many of the above issues trying to find a way to access my Money files – I think I have a copy of the Money ’95 s/w in a drawer somewhere but I have not been able to find it. So this was a great relief.

    Thanks again.

  53. What a life saver. Been using Money for 10 years, possibly more, I dread to think that far back. Got the data backed up but couldn’t find the program anywhere. Sunset wouldn’t import our Money file – this worked a treat.
    Thank you very much.

  54. Hello Gareth

    I could not agree more with all the other comments. The commercially available stuff is shoddy compared to MS Money.

    As an expert, may I ask you a question. I know my way round MS Money2005 pretty well, but what I cannot see how to do is to clean up old investment names shown in the dropdown list, old equity ISAs, for instance. They are a nuisance now. I do not have any manual for the 2005 version.

    Many thanks, Tony

    1. Hi Tony, sorry for my delay in replying.

      I’m no Microsoft Money expert, just a keen user. As such I’m not entirely sure what you mean by investment names—are these account names?

      If they are set up like accounts then you can remove them via:

      1. Tools > Settings
      2. Account settings
      3. Click the button ‘Close or Reopen Accounts
      4. Mark the accounts you’ve closed. Closed accounts don’t appear in active account lists, but Money does keep the records for your future reference.

      Does that fix it for you?

  55. You have saved my life as well! Couldn’t download Money 2004 onto my new laptop with Windows 8.1 and was a bit desperate. Thanks to your download all is working perfectly with Money 2005.

  56. Thanks for the info on Money . For info, I had been using the UK QFE2 version fine but have just tried out the US sunset edition as there were a couple of issues I was having with error messages and it seems to work OK. The US sunset edition imported my UK money file that I had been using in QFE2 fine and all the info seems to be correct including bills, budget etc.

  57. We are all so grateful to Gareth!
    I really don’t understand why Microsoft abandoned this software. There is nothing else that serves this function and I cannot imagine how I would run my life without it.
    It is the main reason that I don’t dare change to an Apple computer.
    Fingers crossed it will run with Windows 10.


    1. I have been using Microsoft Money ever since I received my first ever PC with a software package that included Money way back in 1998. I have upgraded to Money 2005 and have even paid and tried other software that does not do what Microsoft Money does! I have done numerous upgrades to my computers in the last 10 years and Money still works. I treat it like Gold!

    2. Hi, I did a quick test on the 32 bit Windows 10 preview and Money Sunset Deluxe (As I posted above, I use this version now as opposed to the UK QFE2 one) seemed to work OK. I didn’t give it a full test tho, but it seemed OK.

  58. Pity it does not update data from the web anymore such as keeping track of share prices- is anyone able to do this through Microsoft Money. Mine stopped working a couple of years back!

    1. Yeah, auto-updating stopped when Microsoft withdrew Microsoft Passport support for Money in 2007 or 2008.

      I did like the fact that it could automatically connect to my bank’s online services and automatically download my latest statements. Thankfully my bank still offers manual downloads of my account data in Money format.

      I don’t have any shares, and my wife has only a handful (perhaps fewer than 20) so I’ve never required that functionality.

      Interesting that you say you’ve tried other applications but they don’t match the quality of Money—that’s my experience too.

  59. Hi Gareth – just a quick and heart-felt thank you for making this available. It has solved a problem I thought was insoluble.

  60. Gareth
    I would like to thank you so much.
    My partner has been using MS Money since 2005 and a few days ago his computer crashed and he reinstalled Money 2005 and couldn’t open his accounts.
    I have just downloaded Money from your link and can now open it.
    He is over the moon as it is the end of the financial year and he would have had to start again!!!
    Again, many thanks.

  61. Hi Gareth
    I have been using MM 2004 v.12.0.120 for years. Now have new W8 laptop and have loaded the UK version you recommend. When I look for my uk bank it says no list available. How do I get it to recognise my bank please.

  62. Gareth.
    I also chanced upon your site and would like to add my thanks to those expressed above. Money 5 now downloaded, and working just fine on Windows 7 Professional 32bit. I can now retire my 25 year old tower running windows 98SE and sleep easy!

  63. Gareth

    Many thanks. Your site and upgrade link saved my sanity.

    In order to run Windows programs on my iMac (large screen for 70+ year old failing eyesight) I run Oracle Virtualbox to host Windows XP Professional.

    Having used MS Money2004 on XP Professional (Evesham machine) and then upgrading to Windows 7 (Sony laptop) I used the original MS Money CD to load the program on the iMac. No problem – until I tried to load a money file. No chance! It took a while to work out I needed to upgrade to Money 2005. The link you gave worked well!

    I’ve seen some queries re. small font size used in MS money. I got round this in XP by increasing d.p.i.
    (control panel, display, settings, advanced)

    Thanks again.

  64. Thank you so much for this. I have just upgraded to a new laptop and really wanted to keep all my financial information from my old version of Money. I also had the problem with being asked for a password but somehow (not too sure how!) I managed to work around it. It now works perfectly. Thank you

  65. Hi Gareth,

    Like most of most your thankful correspondents, I too would like to express my gratitude to you for the opportunity to download Money 2005. I’ve using Money since 1998 and 2002 was the last upgrade I had. It still works beautifully and the upgrade to 2005 is the icing on the cake!
    Why Microsoft ditched it and why no software company took it on defeats me!
    Many thanks.

  66. Another grateful customer ! As a dedicated user of Money for more than 15 years, I thought I was doing the right thing by updating whenever possible. My copy of Money 2005, probably bought in 2004, is version However, sometime after Microsoft stopped supporting Money, they provided a free online update to I installed the update, but unfortunately didn’t download the setup file. A computer failure a few weeks ago left me with a data file that couldn’t be read by the only installable version of a Money 2005 I had. Your downloadable version, the same one I was running, has come to the rescue. I’ll be taking a backup copy of the setup this time ! Many, many thanks !

  67. Very many thanks. In common with most of the other comments above, it is great to have found a link to a UK version of Microsoft Money. Having used it for many years and recently upgraded my laptop, I tried various downloads, but they were all the US version which will not open Money files saved in the UK version. I used your link to download the 2005 UK version and bingo! Fabulous. As an aside, how great that you are from St Andrews. One of my favourite places in the UK and home town of my good lady wife. Cheers.

    1. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work in Windows 10. You get the following message ” Money requires Internet Explorer 6 to function properly. Please reinstall Internet Explorer 6 so these components can be added.”

      Anyone out there know of a workaround for this?

  68. Gareth,
    Many thanks for your posts (and Google for finding you).
    I’ve been using Money 2001 for many years including on Windows 7. It’s been a stressful few hours trying to access all my Money data now my computer’s upgraded to Windows 10.
    After doing some internet research I first decided to downloaded Microsoft Money Deluxe Sunset, but this needed the registry edit as posted above – it was saying I needed IE6 for it to work. It then wouldn’t convert my Money 2001 file as it was not supported (too old).
    Further research suggested Money 2005 as a ‘bridge’ in converting My Money file formats. It downloaded and ran fine, but then said my old files were in an incompatible format. Support pages suggested I may be using different regional settings.
    Thankfully following your link and downloading the UK version of Money 2005 – everything is working fine and I will be able to sleep tonight.
    I’m now in two minds on whether or not to try the Money Deluxe Sunset version again, but I suspect I won’t risk any more angst.
    Many thanks,

  69. Thanks and well done for sharing this info. I have been using MM 97 (!) and with back-entered data such as life policies and mortgages etc I have more than 35 years of financial data on it. I too had trialled a few other programs but didn’t find them as useful as MM.
    I had been unable to upgrade MM97 to any of the more recent US-based versions or the Sunset version. It was the main reason why I got Win7 Pro, so I could use its virtual XP mode.

    I have tested MM2005 out now, and apart from the obvious long-dead online links and some ugly screen navigation, the only significant problem I encountered was that it brought over my sales ledger as an asset. No big deal, I only very rarely use it.

    So this means I can consider upgrading to Win10 at some point. Thanks again.

  70. The story so far:
    The original Money 2005 CD, once installed, automatically downloaded a “patch” from Microsoft that changed the format of the .mny data file.
    Once Microsoft withdrew support for it in January 2011, that patch was removed from their servers so any clean-install, irrespective of operating system, would fail to read the data file.
    I, along with loads of other users (Gareth, you may have been one of them), kicked up a storm and, after about 6 months, Microsoft released a downloadable patch! This UK download IS that patch.
    What I DIDN’T know, however, is that it works “on its own”. Until recently I’ve been installing from the CD and then running this “patch”; that’s what the original instructions said to do!
    What a waste of my time for the last 4 years 🙂
    I can also vouch for the registry hack to get it up-and-running with Windows 10.
    Keep up the great work Gareth.

  71. I was tearing out my hair after installing Windows 10 and trying to get Money Plus to cooperate. Many thanks for making the 2005 download available. Problem solved and I am able to download bank statements once again. If it helps anyone else there are some really useful guides here at

  72. Thank you for the UK download link! I reckon you’re nicely tapping the real current user base migration from XP to Windows 7 (and beyond!). Microsoft please take note – we still care and still use it.

  73. Do you know if this version of Money will run on the Chrome OS used in Chrome books? I am finally getting round to changing my PC after 8 years and I use an Android phone. Like you I really rely on MS Money for my finances and had hoped I could finally move away from Windows based machines and their relatively high cost. The comment above re Windows 10 gives me further cause for concern.

  74. Thanks for the info Gareth and all other contributors to this thread.
    Like others, I have updated to Windows 10 and found that my best financial mate aka MS Money 2004 is not compatible.

    I am not all that technical minded to feel confident about the log registry changes but I am a little confused…….. Do I just download MS Money 2005 to overcome the problem or do I also have to change the registry after the installation of MS Money 2005.

    Thanks for any advice.

      1. I totally concur with Anthony and as a 77 year old computer illiterate technophobe who managed to download Windows 10, and MS Money 5 and then successfully make the recommended Registry changes to get them both working in tandem, I would tell Neil not to give up and as Anthony says, take your time, work through the instructions a step at a time and you will soon have it all up and running. The only minor problem I had was that the dates in Money initially appeared in USA format and as a Brit this was rather confusing. However, I found that the problem was with Windows 10, not MS Money and I did eventually managed to change it to my preferred format without too much difficulty.

        Many thanks to Gareth for helping to keep us all up and running in MS Money. I cannot remember how many years I have been using it and there is no way I would want to change to any other personal financial management program now.

    1. Hi Gareth, just to let you all know that Microsoft seem to have solved the problem and now the UK version of my MS Money 2004 is fully working with Windows 10 without any fiddling with the registry.



  75. Like many others I have found this site very useful. With it I was able to get Money 1105 running on a Windows vista 32 bit machine, a windows 7 64 bit machine and a windows 7 32 bit machine and data files produced by any of the machines worked on any of them.

    Now the Windows 7 32 bit machine has been upgraded to Windows 10 and I have also got a Windows 8.1 which I intend to upgrade to Windows 10.

    My immediate problem is that data files generated on the window 8.1 machine locks up the vista machine. When the program is forcibly stopped with taskmanager, Money no longer opens any Money file until the machine is closed down and restarted when it then can read the usual files (but not that from the windows 8.1 machine).

    I really don’t understand Money! It would appear that Money 1105 produces different file formats on different operating systems. And I don’t know what to do next and no doubt it will get even worse when I upgrade to windows 10 (though I am probably only going to upgrade the vista machine to 7).

      1. David

        Thanks … that’s fantastic! I’ve suggested to Dan Gaier that he takes on and develops MM!

        Your response has also shown the value of this website to all MM users.

  76. Gareth
    Came across your blog via a google search. Like so many others, it seems, you’ve saved my bacon. A couple of weeks ago my machine running Windows 8.1 went into meltdown. Spent ages restoring everything, but the most important one, MS Money, had me stumped. The MS so-called sunset version was no good – wouldn’t recognise my data files. Followed the link you provided, and eventually managed to get all my data back up and running as it was the day before meltdown.
    I’m just so relieved, I could have kissed the dog.
    Thank you so so much.
    BTW, it seems if I “upgrade” to Windows 10 I’m going to get problems again. Does it ever end??
    Again, big big thank you.

  77. Hi Gareth, Like many others I have used msmoney for many years. (money 2000).
    I downloaded money 2005 uk, after upgrading to windows 10, but get an error message when trying to install, –Autorun.inf is missing or corupt.
    Where am I going wrong, please???
    Thanks for a great site.

  78. Just started using money 2005 but would like to read the instruction book but have not been able to find a copy, any suggestions where i might be able to obtain one.

  79. Me again, for some reason when I hit the planning or my money keys on the my pc goes to ms homepage on the web, why is this, also I can not find the calander page.

    Not sure if this is best place for asking these questions so if there is a more suitable place please advise me.


  80. Hi Gareth. I agree with all that you say and since upgrading to Windows 10 and then reverting to 8.1 I’ve experienced many of the problems described above.
    Amongst other issues, everyday I have problems saying that my file is corrupt and the after closing and trying to open back-up files it says that I did not close down correctly and refuses to open again.
    Of course I have several back-up files so I can keep going. The most common error message is ‘mbfAD56.tmp’
    I’ve reinstalled Money 2005 from your link and tried different computers but with limited success. Have you experience of this?
    I really appreciate how much of your time this must cost you as I’ve spent many days over the last month just on my problem! Many thanks,

  81. Hi there, I’m hoping you can help. I had MS Money 2001 on a desktop that has just died. I’ve got backup files on floppy disks (yes, it was that old a desktop!!) and having download the MS Money 2005 here onto my laptop find that the files won’t upload and I get an error message. It could be a problem with the floppy disks formatting I realise but I was wondering if trying to backup 2001 version of Money .mny files may not work on Money 2005. I’ve been unable to find the original MS Works suite disk the Money 2001 was on – I’m thinking that maybe having that and installing the original programme is what I need to do or is it the case that, in theory, my backup floppy disks should be able to be used to restore files in Money 2005? Do you have any thoughts on that at all, please. Many thanks. dawn

    1. I’m sorry I don’t have enough experience with Microsoft Money 2001 to know whether its files should open in Money 2005. I used to have a CD with Money 2001 on it but I appear to have jettisoned it in my last purge of software I no longer use, otherwise I would have happily sent it to you.

      Could you find a copy of Microsoft Money 2001 on eBay, for example?

  82. I must thank you very much for your website and your help with Microsoft money.
    No one seemed to have answers and so many who claimed to have answers did not.
    I can only say thanks again. I have not been closely into the other areas of your website but if I can find a way to make a contribution I will most certainly use.

  83. Hi,
    Like your other contributors, I have been using money many years. I downloaded money 2005 from your site when I used windows 8.1, and got it up and running fine. When I changed to Windows 10 at the beginning of August, I got the same message that I needed Internet explorer 6 to make it work. I went on holiday, came back later in August, and Hey Presto, Money was working again. (Did Microsoft tweek something?) My small problem at the moment is that I automatically back up money to an SD card, but if I try to use that back up it tells me that money can’t open this file because it was created using a different version of Money. Whats that all about then??

  84. Hello Gareth
    I see that quite a few people have upgraded to Windows 10 now. I’m still on 7 and would like to upgrade, but I know that I always have problems with applications such as Money 2005. Could you please reassure me and point out what I need to look out for.
    Thank you
    Rob a 62 year old who has limited knowledge of IT.

    1. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and had some concerns about the process based on the comments so far. However, it worked smoothly for me without having to make any registry changes or other tweaks.

    2. Hey! It’s a computer, I’m not sure I can make any guarantee that would reassure you enough. Suffice to say that I’ve upgraded a few PCs now from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and from Windows 8 to 8.1, and 8.1 to 10, and each time the process has either been smooth or it rolled back neatly after a fail — then I waited a few weeks, tried again and it went through without a hitch.

  85. Thank you so much for that. Got me out of a jam when my Money 2003 file became corrupted with a strange blank bill which I could not erase. Started kicking out an error every time I did anything, and had already been backed up everywhere by then.
    So, 2005 installed, which has the repair file option. File converted, repaired and all is well.
    Just one thing that I’ve noticed, on two machines both running Win7: It needs maybe ten seconds or so after exiting before shutting down the computer, or re-entering Money for that matter, or I get a message that it is still running, even though it’s not visible in Task Manager. A minor issue only.

  86. I did the upgrade from 8.1 to win 10 . It did not go well at first but after a couple of restarts all the right files in all the right places worked including your Money download. I did backup all files.
    The only trouble has been e-mails as MS try to force us to use the Mail App which is linked to Outlook which does not support POP or even IMAP accounts. All else works OK. thanks I am in the middle of updating my accounts. The danger of MS forcing us down one road is we vote with our feet I have just bought an Android Tab to make sure I can stay in touch with my family.
    If there was an Android Money App that would take all my old history and accounts I would never ever go near MS Windows again.

  87. Wonderful. I recently had to do a clean install of Windows, and couldn’t find my MSMoney for reinstall anywhere.

    Shame Microsoft stopped publishing this program!

    thanks for the help.

  88. Gareth, thank you so much for the guidance on this.

    Similarly, I’ve been using MM since the late 90’s and the need to upgrade my laptop meant a huge headache of how to keep all my files live and use-able. I’ve needed to complete the registry change for Windows 10, but it worked immediately and I’m up and running

  89. I have installed MyMoney2005 (having to do full install as needed factory reset). It is asking for a pssword to open mynoney? Any ideas what it is default?

  90. Thanks for this very useful item. I had upgraded from MS Money2001 to US version (not realising the issues this would bring) and thought I had lost everything. However UK 2005 has seen access to my files again. Phew. Thanks again

  91. Yesterday I installed windows 10 on my laptop and then downloaded from your site Microsoft Money. Much to my surprise it worked perfectly without the error message asking for IE to run it. I have backed up Money from my other machine running Windows 8.1 and everything seems fine. No need to use your registry fix ( I am pleased to say). I am still unsure of Windows 10 but will assess it over the next week or so. Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn’t work yet and the welcome video introducing windows 10 says video not working.

  92. I’m running Money 2005 (UK) under Win 7 Pro (in Parallels Desktop) and like others have for years but every so often when I close Money it simply deletes the .mny file. I had a spate of it doing this a fair while back and cant remember how I fixed it and now its doing it again…

    I’ve tried archiving to reduce the file size and I have it set to automatically backup on close. I also keep it in DropBox so when this happens now I just restore it in DropBox but its a serious pain.

    Anyone got any ideas? I cant find anything relevant with Google.

  93. Very many thanks for the Money download, I’ve just moved to a new PC and no idea where the original install media might be. Saved me a lot of hassles!

  94. excellent to the fact have been using 2001 started crashing after win 10 upgrade found your site didn’t realise free upgrade to 2005 existed so i upgraded, works fine
    have been using money since the start , here what your saying you just get used to it any thing else is alien
    does what it says on the tin

  95. A long-term user of MS Money, I moved to version some years ago. Just recently I have taken on the job of managing an elderly relative’s finances and am finding Money very helpful. Setting up the necessary separate file has prompted me to review my use of the program and I have some queries for you:
    I understand I should be able to import a downloaded OFX file but the only relevant option seems to be for an INV file import; I expect I am missing something obvious but I am wary of experimenting lest I damage my installation.
    I think there should be a local Help facility (F1) but using this just maximises the program window and opens the MSN website.
    Lastly, several of the program menu options and links simply take me to the same website and I wondered whether anyone has found some way to remove these options.
    I should be grateful for any helpful comment from you.

    1. I wonder if you have any answer to this question. I have just uninstalled Money 2004 and installed Money 2005 (on a backup computer just in case). Thanks for your advice on this. However, I have a similar problem to George W – where is the Help content (it currently opens in MSN news), and why does the investment tab open in MSN news? How to disable this please?

      1. As far as I know, this is now not available due to Microsoft deprecating the software. I also don’t believe that it is possible to update the location that Microsoft Money 2005 looks for either help (which I suspect has been completed removed from the Microsoft website) or the Investment pages.

        I never used this feature in MS Money but is it this page that you are expecting? If so, you may be able to update your HOSTS file to redirect any requests from your PC to this new location.

        There may also be some useful information on the website.

        1. Thank you, but no, it is the Investment Tools tab on the Investing dropdown menu within Money itself I am trying to access from the main Investing tab. I have found a workaround by opening the relevant investment account, which then opens the account and the dropdown tabs, but it is a long way round! The problem seems to be that the Investing Home tab is set to MSN news. On Money 2004, it was possible to view all investment accounts on one page by clicking the investing tab – using this workaround, I can only see one at a time.

          How can I access the user guide to Money 2005 which you said in one post was on your Dropbox account, please?

          1. Ah, my apologies for misunderstanding. Like I said, I’ve never used the investments features of MS Money. That so much of it still works after 15 years, I’m continuously thankful.

            In my default installation location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money 2005), I can see a guide.pdf file. If you can’t find that you can download a copy from my Dropbox.

            There is a limited Microsoft Money Help file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money 2005\MNYCoreFiles\WebCache\msnev3.chm; just push on past the error messages.

          2. Thank you. I have found the user guide in the folder you suggested. Yes, like you, I am thankful that Money still works after all this time! Thanks for your help. I will just live with the Investments workaround.

  96. This problem demonstrates the arrogance of Microsoft. There is an army of mm users trying get this invaluable program to work. Surely it is not beyond the wit of the company to upgrade mm to work with constantly changing operating systems and for users to pay a subscription. I get teed off with gates

  97. Thank you so much Gareth. We have been using Money for 20 years when our old version of Money 99 became ‘corrupted’. We were having problems fixing this until we found you! You have saved us hours of work.

  98. Hi

    I also have been using Microsoft Money some 20 years but had to re-install 2005 version after my previous version was deleted by mistake. Installed again but does not seem
    to accept my back-up money file now and starts becoming unresponsive so what am i doing wrong here.
    Any help here i would be most grateful for thanks.

  99. Dear Gareth,

    I am also a veteran Money user. I still run the Version 5 on Win 10 Home, ver 1511 in Swedish.

    I have managed to live with most limitations in the product and like you never wanted to switch product, notably as that would mean losing the history.

    But now the account limit (63) blocks me.

    Do you think I can upgrade to the versions now available, without any problems?

    The alternatives seem to be, starting a new file and doing away with the old an unused accounts, or perhaps using a loan account as a savings account, but with a negative balance?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Markus, to be honest, I don’t know what would happen if you upgraded.

      Could you perhaps backup your MNY file, then try and upgrade and if it doesn’t work then roll back and restore your backed-up MNY file?

      I do, however, want to ask: how have you got more than 59 accounts?!

  100. I have been using Microsoft Money since Windows 98. I had a disk failure with my next computer in 2012 running XP and was able to recover my Money data (4 accounts) using Money 2005 with the 1105 Patch. I have recently updated to a new computer running Windows 10 and found the disk I had prepared and used previously did not work. I am indeed grateful to you for posting the solution to this problem. I have now been able to access all the data that I had thought might be lost for ever.

  101. Hi there, I have downloaded MS Money 2005 (UK) and when I try to run it I get a message saying autorun inf file not found? I’m not a computer whiz so is there an easy way to fix this?

  102. Hi Gareth

    I’ve been using Money v5.00.02 for many years quite happily, and hope two queries that I hope you can help me with – I’m not very computer literate I’m afraid.

    I’m running Windows 7 Pro. If I install the last version of Money for the UK, Money2005, will it read my .mny data file? Is it really as simple as that?

    Secondly, is there an easy way to delete earlier years of record? As an example, if I want to delete the years up to 1995, I can note the balance on the last transaction in 1994 as the new opening balance – but how do I batch delete the earlier transaction records?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  103. Hi Gareth

    Back again, testing on an old 32bit Win XP machine shows that Money 2005 will read .mny files and convert them to another version. This may give me enough faith to try it on my 64bit machine with Win 7 Pro.

    I would like to download the user guide or manual, but the hotlink you provided earlier in 2015 produces the 404 response. Can anyone help out?


  104. Many thanks Gareth!
    You solved a very big problem.
    MS Money 2005 UK worked perfectly with Windows 7 64 Bits and, moreover, it was able to perfectly open my backup file created in a very old version of Money (Money 2001).
    This was really great, because Money 2001 refused to install in Windows 7 and Money Sunset was unable to open this backup file…
    Thank you!

  105. Hi Gareth,
    I’m wondering if any one else has reported a problem with downloading .ofx files from Barclays to Money, I get a error message and have tried to find a solution including installing your Money link on to my daughters laptop and downloading the file but with same error message appearing , I contacted the bank and they think its a software issue – which doesn’t help as I think Money is not supported by Microsoft anymore, I’m on a windows 7 home premium and as much as I can be computer literate, it doesn’t ” feel” like a pc or software issue

  106. As UK user I’m just considering using MS Money with no previously stored files and wondered which version would be best to use
    Money2005-UK-QFE2 ( or
    USMoneyDlxSunset (
    I’ve searched around but can’t find the pros and cons of either.

  107. As a UK User, I have just downloaded and run the UK version (Money2005-UK-QFE2 ( on Windows 10 (OS Build 14393.693) with no trouble, and no registry patches. [I was upgrading from the same version on Vista].
    I also downloaded Gaier Software’s online quotes application, which also worked a treat, once I had worked out which symbols to use for funds (it’s the full ISIN Reference Code).

  108. I’d like to understand the difference between setting the category of a Withdrawal or Deposit transaction to a SPECIAL Transfer (from another account) and changing a Withdrawal or Deposit transaction to a Transfer Transaction (which you can seem to be able to subsequently revert to a Withdrawal or Deposit transaction). I’m trying to find the best way to connect up transfers that occur between two accounts which I have downloaded and imported the history of. Each transfer value seems to get duplicated in each account. There can be a delay of several days between the funds leaving one account and appearing in the other.

  109. I have been using Money2005-UK-QFE2 ( very successfully with windows 10 for some time. Unfortunately the motherboard failed on my PC and so I have had to re-install the program on a new machine. Everything works fine with one exception and that is I cannot print the Portfolio Manager.
    I get an error message which says “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or,if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel” In the top left hand corner of the message it refers to file “c:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\ Temp\Temp.htm.
    I have checked the Default Programs area but can see no obvious way to relate MS Money to a print program. The odd thing is that the program is “talking” to the printer because if I go to the Reports section and select a report I can print it. Any thoughts?
    Any assistance would be much appreciated
    Brian Fowler

  110. Gareth
    Many thanks for your reply.
    I have now worked out a “workaround” which is a bit cumbersome but at least I’ve got something to tide me over until someone comes up with a better solution


  111. Hi Gareth, Love that I found this forum about Microsoft Money. I used it for many years and loved it. So easy to use and run reports etc. We changed computers and I lost the CD when we moved so had to change software. HOME ACCOUNTZ. I hate it! And today it just continuously freezes. My question is – how can I, if possible, transfer from Home Accountz to MM after I have downloaded the program? We have Windows 10 – which is when my problems started with Accountz! Help I would love to use MM again.


    1. Hi Kerry, Microsoft allows the importing of QIF format files. I have no experience of Home Accountz, but do remember investigating it a few years back and not liking what I saw (at least for my needs).

      Are you able to export your data in QIF format from Home Accountz?

  112. Dear Gareth,
    I appreciated our help some years ago when I downloaded Microsoft Money 2005. This has been working beautifully ever since. I have now acquired a new computer and would like to download afresh. Is your link still active and details of patch for windows 10.

    Much appreciated

    Gordon Baker

      1. Just to add to the grateful thanks here, I have just managed to use your download link to save my last 10+ years of Microsoft Money files, which were in a REALLY old Version 11 MM. So glad to be able to keep the categories, reports etc.

  113. Hi Gareth, I’m so glad I came across your site as I am at my wits end with trying to access my long-used MS Money file! My hard drive broke and was replaced, and the data files successfully restored. I installed Microsoft Money 2005 using your link below, which was the version we had been using. The original .mny file and a recent backup file are both accessible but they ask for our Microsoft.NET email address and password for the file. We have never changed these, but the program says they are wrong. We really don’t have any other password or MSN email account. I would settle for some other way of getting our data out of Money but that doesn’t seem possible. What can I do? Is there any way of somehow getting into the data file to find out what it thinks is the login and password?

  114. Hi, Gareth
    I have been using MS Money 2000 for many years and had this problem when the Fall Update came through. Neither my scanner nor MS Money would run and no versions were available to run on Windows 10. (Canon who made the scanner just said drivers no longer available and pointed me at their latest scanners as replacements!). I rolled back the update and hoped that fixes would be found. Meanwhile I found Jiosoft Money Manager that was similar to MS Money and converted my Money files to that system but maintained both sets, in case.
    Yesterday Microsoft wanted to install the Fall update again, saying that security fixes would not be available for older versions so I took the plunge: I got the scanner to work this time but not MS Money and I had two other accounts I hadn’t converted. Luckily I found your blog and low and behold the download does work on the latest Windows 10 version and Money 2005 read my old 2000 version files!
    Many thanks for solving this problem for me and others!

  115. Hi Gareth
    Until very recently ms money 2005 was working great. For some reason it will not stop running when I close down window. Also downloaded qif files don’t show in account window. I have tried on two 64 bit win7 machines with no success. Works on 32 bit machine no problems. Not sure if anything has changed recently to stop it working.

  116. I am using MM with Windows 7 Enterprise and it has been working fine for ages. Alas it now comes up with the message “you cannot perform this operation at the moment. there is an on-line operation in progress. Please try later.”, when I try to important a bank statement .qif file.
    I turn off and restart the computer but to no avail. Any ideas/solutions would be much appreciated.

  117. Hello, I’d just like to say how grateful I am to Gareth for allowing the download of Money 2005, I have been using Money 99 since, well, 1999 and it has served me so well but my son is just off to Uni and his pc won’t run it.

    I have so far been able to migrate his accounts to MM2005 without issue. I hope it stays that way! Thanks again

  118. Gareth, thanks very much for making this version of Money available. I’d been running v12 for years so it’s very much appreciated. I went on the Wikipedia article about Money to see all the versions. All a bit of a mess really.

    I started using Money back in 1997 and it’s occasionally both interesting and horrifying to see how much I’ve spent on food and the like.

    The file conversion caused Money to hang but I was very relieved when I restarted Money and the file was opened successfully. I look forward to many more years of using this great program. Far better than any app!

  119. Reluctantly I have had to revert to v12 of Money. I couldn’t balance my current account despite all transactions for the last 30 days being correct. Also, the Income and Expenses histogram would not display on the Home Page. It just displayed a circle.

    There doesn’t appear to be any new features in v14 over v12 so I’m not losing out there. Opening my original mny file with v12 and updating my transactions allowed me to balance the account. I suspect it may have been down to an autocorrect entry some years ago for an account imbalance that v14 couldn’t cope with. All’s well that ends well.

  120. I still have no problems using MS Money 2005 on several PCs running the latest version of Windows 10. I don’t what I’ll do if it ever stops working!

    I started using MSMoneyQuotes a few months ago to download share and fund prices. This has now stopped working since MSN Money has been posting prices of zero for many UK funds. Microsoft seem to have no intention of fixing the problem rendering MSMoneyQuotes useless for the time being.

  121. Thank God for your site. my wife’s PC crashed and would not re-boot, I rebuilt back to factory , reinstalled Money 2003, and she spent a day re-inputting our home accounts from a August backup (that will teach us). Howeve 2 days later her PC crashed again and would not boot up, i spspect the drive is faulty. So eventually managed to get the money 2003 files from the hard drive, but would just not open. Money 2003 starts, askes for password then closed down. Whay did i not create a new backup !!! Anyway to cut a long story short installed Money 2005 from this site and the dodgy 2003 files was converted and we have all our data back.

  122. Thanks Gareth for posting this download of Money 2005. I’ve been using Money 2002 but I wanted to put it a later version onto my laptop. I tried Microsoft Money sunset but it wouldn’t read my files so luckily I found your site. Saved

  123. Hi Gareth,

    Many thanks, I have just downloaded the 2005 version, as my HD died out, and am now unable to find the 2001 one, which I purchased back then. It seems to work on the latest version of Windows 10.

    Happy New Year!


  124. Like a previous correspondent, I’m having problems loading Money 2004 into a replacement HP EliteBook running Windows 7. Whether I try to load from my original disc or from a download website, the following error message appears: “Autorun.inf is missing or corrupt.”
    The EliteBook replaces another EliteBook – also running Windows 7 – that has developed a fault. I never had this problem loading Money 2004 into that EliteBook, so I’m very puzzled as to why this error message is now appearing.
    Can you help? Thanks

    1. Hi Geoffrey, when you put the CD-ROM into the laptop can you see an Autorun.inf file in the root directory of the CD-ROM? If so, open it in Notepad. It should have a line that says something like open=setup.exe. What happens if you then double-click the named file on the CD-ROM? Does it install then? Gareth

      1. There are two files named “Autorun.” One is a text file with the line you mention. Double-clicking on it has no effect. The other appears to be an “exe” file but double clicking on it only starts the disc momentarily. No program loads.

          1. I cannot find either of the two files you mention.
            Here is a list of the files/folders on my MS Money 2004:
            Guide [folder]
            IE [folder]
            Money [folder]
            PSS [folder]
            qmgr [“Cabinet file”]
            Autorun [application]
            Autorun [“setup information”]
            mnyinstall.dll [“application extension”]
            qmgr [“setup information”]
            setup [“Application”]

          2. The message “AUTORUN.INF file is missing or corrupt” appears. Incidentally, this message appears even when I try yo load Money from a download website, which makes me think [I’m no expert!] that this problem is with my laptop rather than with the MSMoney disc.

          3. Gareth

            A computer expert friend has solved the problem by temporarily renaming a file in the laptop registry, loading MS Money, and then reversing the renaming!
            Simple – if and when you know how!

  125. Hi Gareth, I’ve been running Money v12 for donkey’s years and my first transaction was back in July 1997. I have no real issues with that version other than its somewhat dated look.

    I downloaded and installed v15 on a separate computer and opened a copy of my .mny file. It read all the data correctly but I’ve found one issue in Reports. The option to change view on a opened report which I have on v12 is missing on v15. Even in Customise the option to select a bar chart etc. is greyed out. The only option is Report.

    Have you found a way of getting around that? It seems odd that a later version would be missing that feature. Unless it’s the format of my mny file but once it’s read you think it would be able to show data in different ways.

    As it stands I’ll be staying with v12 as I can’t see anything really different in v15.

  126. Just a quick update on the report issue. If I create a new money file then add a few deposits then viewing Reports – Net Worth does have the option to show as either a report, graph or pie chart.

    So why won’t it do that for my older mny file?

  127. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Had to upgrade a laptop and couldn’t access my nearly 20 years of Money data on the US sunset version. Absolute life saver.

  128. Gareth. Thank you so much. I have been trying for ages to get MS Money to work on Windows 10. With your advice it is now going.
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Rose From New Zealand

  129. Thanks so much for this. New desktop bought 2 months ago but could not find Money99 installation CD (part of Works Suite 99 acquired with a new computer back then). Thanks to your guidance I have downloaded Money2005 which is working and I can create a new file but it will not convert my old Money99 file saying it was “created by an incompatible version”
    Any suggestions?
    John in UK

    1. MSMoneyQuotes is a very useful cheap Money add-on to obtain fund and share updates. The utility relies on MSN Money to download price data. A few months ago, MSN Money wasn’t updating many UK fund prices. This issue now appears to be fixed but the fund prices for Legal & General / L & G are still unavailable.

      Note Money relies on Internet Explorer to operate. Let’s hope Microsoft continue to support IE to enable old programs like MS Money to operate. I plan to run Money in a Windows XP Service Pack 3 virtual machine for which I have an old licence key should Money ever stop working under a future version of Windows. The virtual machine Hyper V is provided with Windows 10 Pro and there are third party alternatives.

  130. I’ve just created a Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3 virtual machine in Hyper V which is provided with Windows 10 Pro.

    MS Money 2005 works fine in the XP virtual machine as expected and is quite responsive.

    This will be an effective solution to keep Money running should Money ever fail to run in future version of Windows. There are ways of copying files to/from the virtual machine and the host Windows PC to exchange data.

  131. Gareth – the only word I can think of is ‘Brilliant’. MSM 2005 now on new laptop after desktop died.
    A thousand thank yous to you, Sir.

  132. You have made my day! The link for Microsoft Money 2005 has resurrected some 14 years of figures onto my new 64 bit machine!
    Thank you.

  133. Hi there

    Another user desperate for MS money

    i need it downloaded on my laptop, am using windows 10 pro

    MS downloads ok, i hit ”finish” and all looks good, then when i hit my desktop icon it goes through the whole set up again and keeps doing that, I’m in a loop of repeating the same thing over and over

    I have googled away a thought i had found solutions, tried a run in ”compatible with windows 8 mode”tried windows 7 mode, tried vista mode… no joy !

    then i have adjusted the IE explorer version via regedit program to version 9.11.10240.0 as this seemed to be top advice from many – still no joy

    any help you can throw at me would be sooooo appreciated

    thank you

    1. Hi Sally, that’s odd. I’ve often found similar issues resolved by clearing your temp files folder.

      1. Press Win+R to open the Run dialog.
      2. Enter %temp%
      3. Click OK.
      4. A Windows Explorer window will open.
      5. Select all files (Ctrl+A) and then press Delete.
      6. Some files will not be permitted to be deleted, that’s okay you can skip those.
      7. Completed try to run Microsoft Money again.

      If you come up short again:

      1. Uninstall Money.
      2. Clear the temp folder again.
      3. Reboot your PC.
      4. Reinstall Money.
      5. Clear the temp folder again.
      6. Reboot the PC.
      7. Start Money.

      See if that works.

  134. Hi Gareth,
    I’ve downloaded MS Money 2005 UK and installed it on my W10 laptop. Question; how do I find my data files on my W7 PC to transfer via a memory stick? Also, what is the best way of installing the data files, by import or copy?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Stan

      if you have a password on your MNY file then the path to the file will be shown when you first start MS Money 2005 on your Windows 7 PC.

      Otherwise, search your PC for a *.MNY file.

      If you go to Tools > Options > Backup options that should show you where your backup location is.

      Personally, I would locate and backup the original .MNY file (and the backup file) to a cloud drive or USB drive. Then copy these to your new PC to a location of your choosing, and open the file from there.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

  135. Hi Gareth,
    I’ve downloaded Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business Sunset (USA) and installed it on my W10 laptop, to work with money file 2005 UK after imported by .qif files. Question; Although the base currency changed, all invoices still issued in US$? Also, how can i get Microsoft Money 2005 UK Financial Suite to be downloaded instated of Money Plus Home and Business Sunset (USA) ?
    Thanks in advance,

  136. I have been using Microsoft Money since 1999 and currently still use 2005, thanks for this useful article and links.

    1. Hi Robert, do you still have Money 2002 installed? If so, I would try to remove the password from the file in 2002, then load it in 2005 and set the password afresh there. Does that work for you?

  137. Help! I’ve been using Microsoft Money forever but last night had a HDD fail. I’ve a backup of my data but cannot find the install disks anywhere (we moved house last year and I fear they may have got lost in the move). I was delighted to find this blog article but unfortunately the link doesn’t work.(
    I’ve searched everywhere but cannot find anywhere else to download the UK Money 2005 software. If anybody can help me I would be extremely grateful.

  138. Eek, Money has stopped opening properly and closing it in the task master isn’t enabling it to open. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling – any hints and tips, please? (W10)

    1. Oo, this worked second time around – you’re so fab:
      Uninstall Money.
      Clear the temp folder again.
      Reboot your PC.
      Reinstall Money.
      Clear the temp folder again.
      Reboot the PC.
      Start Money.

  139. Hi Gareth
    I hope you can help me!
    I use MSMoney v 14 simply as a way to keep my finances in order. I dont need anything of the fancy internet parts of it, just use it to record bank transactions etc.
    I have an old laptop running windows 7 and upgraded to anew one with windows 10.
    I copied across the program and back up files but it wouldnt run.
    I found your link and downloaded and extracting the zip program, saving it to my documents.
    My issue is I cannot find the .exe file to make it run?
    There’s several screens of all the folders in the C:\Users\”my name”\OneDrive\Desktop\money-2005-uk.zip_files but no .exe file?
    I am probably doing something basic wrong but my head hurts!
    Can you assist?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rich, I have updated the links to see if that helps. I’ve tested it and the download button takes me to Dropbox from where I can download the zip file with the down arrow in the top-right of the page.

      Maybe clear your Temp folder and see if that helps:

      1. Open Windows Explorer
      2. In the address bar enter: %temp%
      3. Select all
      4. Delete
      5. Some files may not delete, that’s fine, just skip those
      6. Try to unzip again

      If that doesn’t work, try the alternative link that just has the EXE file and not a zip that also contains a helpful PDF.

      Does that help?

  140. Just got to say Gareth that you are a life saver! I spilled a cup of water on my lovely laptop and killed it and couldn’t get the old version I had working. I have everthing on my money so was just a little stressed I might say!!! you have resolved the whole thing andI am back up and running. Thank you so much. xxx

  141. Gareth, I think you’ve just made my Christmas. I’ve been using Money for about 20 years and have had 3 computers in that time. Then I bought a new one a few weeks ago and realised I couldn’t find the programme to download until I found this page. Many thanks.

  142. Thanks very much for the download links!

    I’ve installed the 2005 UK edition on Windows 10 and it starts fine but all of the tabs (e.g. Planning) just load an MSN web page and give a ‘Stack overflow 71’ error. Is this a known issue?

    1. Hi Kevin, yes — these are the limitations of using software that has long been deprecated by Microsoft — this last end-of-life update was about 15 years ago. What you can do (I suspect) is update your local HOSTS file to redirect from the URLs that are presented to ones of your own choosing. But I haven’t tested out this.

  143. Hi Gareth,
    I should like to try this but I can’t find a HOSTS file anywhere in my Money folder. Can you help?
    John Brooks

    1. Just search Google for: Windows 10 update hosts file.

      You will find instructions online.

      Basically, whenever you enter a website URL in your browser, the browser checks the HOSTS file to see if that URL is listed and if so where to redirect the browser.

      What you would need to do is work out the page that Money thinks you should be looking at and then redirect it to a new location of your choice.

      Personally, I don’t use those tabs in Money so I don’t have any idea where they originally pointed. Sorry.

  144. Hi Guys. I am having a problem with MS Money. I have been sussefully using it for 20 years, currently running Windows 10. I last entered a load of transactions about 3 weeks ago and when I opened it again to do this months I have found a problem. The file opens fine, I start entering transactions and get 5-10 transactions entered when a message pops up saying the file is corrupted. Money cannot recover it and the backed up file does the same.

    I store the file on Google Drive which which had historic versions that I downloaded and opened. But the same thing happens after entering several transations.

    I can workout whats wrong and can find no reference to the same problem online. Have I finally come to the end of using MS Money. Can anyone help

    1. Hi Toby, try the following:

      1. Make a copy of your Money file (*.MNY).
      2. Then locate the application called “salv.exe” which you will find in your Microsoft Money 2005 installation directory (mine is at this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money 2005\MNYCoreFiles).
      3. Point the “Repair file” at your Money file.
      4. Enter a name for the repaired version.
      5. Click Next and follow the instructions.

      Hopefully that will resolve your issue. It has always helped me when I have needed to repair my Money file. Let me know how you get on.

  145. I have a problem, i set up 3 files with no passwords and suddenly its asking for passwords! for all 3 files. odd. Ive downloaded and instaled a few copies i found but all ask for a password. Any sugestions?

  146. Dear Gareth

    I have found your website very encouraging – and the links to your site from other commentators very useful.
    I have spent all day trying to fix an issue with MS Money Plus Home and Business version – printing an invoice or statement once, then blank pages when set to printer Microsoft to PDF. If I close the app and then reopen I can print the next statement- but it takes all day.
    I have done the mnyob99.dll patch for the right version of MS Money- to no avail.
    I have Windows 10 Home OS build 19041.867. and did not have to change the length of the Version in Regedit. It was 9.11.19041.0

    Kind regards and in hope of a fix

  147. Thanks Gareth. Just installed MSMoney on my Windows 10 pro (64-bit) machine and it worked fine, no problem reading my large ms money file containing many years of data. Thank you.

  148. Does anyone know of a way to extract the data from a money file? I have a file of many years transactions from money 99, I had been operating money 99 on a old computer which as of today keeps freezing and I can no longer use it. I have the file, but as it is a money 99 file, I can’t import into sunset. I tried this a long time ago and failed, so went back to the money 99 program. I don’t seem to have the installation disc anymore so I am stuck. I’ll need to find something else to use (any suggestions?) but really want to be able to at least see my transactions from so many years somehow. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  149. Thanks for your website. Just in case anyone else has the same problems as me..I downloaded it OK but when I tried to restore backup from the old files it kept asking me for a password which didn’t exist. I eventually discovered that it does this if it is trying to use files which are not compatible. Even though I am in the UK for some reason I was using version 17 Money Plus Deluxe which is a US version. I therefore had to update to Plus Sunset Deluxe from here:
    and then I was able to do it no problems

  150. Just a quick note to advise folks that Money 2004 (v. works wonderfully using Parallels on the new iMacs 2021. Big concern that I would have to maintain 2 devices/operating systems to access my Money and Quickbooks 2013 desktop files but the successful transition has breathed a new lease of life into both programs which now look stunning on the new screen & run very speedily. Note: you will have to pay for Parallels software and a Windows licence on the new device.
    Hope that’s helpful for anyone contemplating a move from Windows to Mac 🙂

    1. I installed the leaked copy of Windows 11 in a virtual machine (Hyper V) to check whether MS Money 2005 (UK) works. Fortunately it works fine despite Windows 11 not having Internet Explorer.

  151. Thank you for the access to MS Money 2005 UK! After a repair of my 18 years of 2002 Money file it is working well. Very much appreciated as haven’t found anything as good to replace it with!

  152. I have been using MS Money for 21 years now and last week my computer died. Fortunately, I had a back up of my computer file, but each time I downloaded a version of MS Money, it wouldn’t work. Nor could I edit the registry, which I had had to do with my previous install.

    I just found your site and was encouraged to find it was a UK version. I think the others had been US and my *.mny file would not open.

    I have just downloaded from your site, pasted in my money file and hey presto it is working!!!!

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am. The MS Money history covers my children growing up, having disasters, finding partners, getting married and having children. I would have been devastated to have lost it.

    I am surprised I didn’t need to do the registry edit for it to work.

    Many many thanks for hosting this site.

    Sarah 😀

  153. Mr Saunders – Gareth:
    Your blog might be my salvation for my Money is lost. I originally had MS Money in 1998 but lost that when a Sony Viao had a fatal crash. More recently I have used an MS Money Sunset version on a Lenovo IdeaPad and it ran competently for the last 8 years or so. Then the Lenovo did an automatic Windows update last week and, on restart, decided ‘No Operating System can be found’. So, once again, all my Money and it’s data have been lost to me!
    I have seen your 2005 link (above) and may avail myself when I have bought another Windows machine – I have looked at using Money on Apple machines but that seems unnecessarily difficult, or impossible with Big Sur, and very hungry on storage. I have also read concerns about using Money with Windows 10 although my Lenovo had no problems with WIN10 from the first day it arrived.
    My question is whether Windows 10 is a real problem? I am minded to buy a Windows machine dedicated to running MS Money but need to know whether it will be happier with Windows 8.
    This is a tactical position, as I am now working entirely with Apple devices, but want to be able to use MS Money without further interruption for the next few years, and feel safer doing that with a cheap Windows laptop dedicated to MS Money.
    What do you think/advise?

      1. Just a quick update. My problem was probably personal failure in assuming the automatic backups on my PC would offer perennial safeguard. I had not anticipated the Seagate HDD would have a fundamental failure!

        So with the Gareth download of MS Money 2005 have re-built my transaction activity and now run Money on my PC desktop as well as on my laptop, using a simple USB storage device as a go-between, and will take your advice to run external HDD as well – it has just arrived.

        Money worked very well on my original Win 10 desktop and is also running well on my updated Win 11 desktop.

        So thumbs up for Gareth’s download service and thumbs down for Microsoft for failing to see continuing potential for excellent product.

  154. Hi Peeps
    Been running MS Money 2005 since its inception. Never able to find a better alternative. Believe me I have tried many including Ace Money, GNU Cash, Jiosoft, Quicken in various flavours, even early versions of Sage! among some others best forgotten.
    A huge thank you to Dan at Gaier Software who has kept it possible to continue with live investment price updates to keep an eye on your pension stuff.
    Nothing comes anywhere near close to MS Money it just works properly, is extremely powerful and handles huge amounts of data. I cant think of much it won’t do actually. I just can’t understand why MS have not persevered with it. It’s fantastic long may it continue to work.

  155. Question:-
    Has anyone Installed/ Reinstalled MS Money 2005 onto Windows 10 running on the new 1200 series motherboards with DDR5 Ram?
    If so does the software work and run as expected on the new systems.?
    Also will it work on the above if O/S upgrades to Windows 11?

    1. Hi Ian, I can’t answer your question about 1200 series motherboards or DDR5 RAM, but I do have Microsoft Money 2005 QFE2 running on Windows 11 on an Acer Nitro 515 laptop running an Intel® Core™ i5-10300H Processor and DDR4 RAM, if that helps at all.

    2. I downloaded the version available on this website onto an HP laptop I bought last year, and added my transactions, and it has worked very well. The upgrade to Windows 11 went well and Money has continued without interruption.

      Last week I bought a new HP desktop, with Windows 11 already loaded. I downloaded Microsoft Money from this website, once again, then used the backup from Money on the laptop to upload my transaction record to the desktop. Again, all is working perfectly.

      I just have to remember to reconcile Money between the two devices, and do this with a data transfer with a USB stick, although can also now rely on the backup provided with the MS One Drive.

      Hope that makes sense, albeit not very technical.

      MS really should bring back their Sunset version to download, even if that were to incur a charge, as the software is just so good.

      1. Agreed! Money is such a great application, it would have been amazing to see how it could have been improved with a more modern design and new or refined features.

        I’m sharing my MNY file between my desktop PC and laptop using Dropbox, similar to you doing it via OneDrive. I’ve not encountered any problems doing that over the last few years.

  156. Hi Gareth,

    I am trying to install onto a Windows 11 laptop and I get a message saying “cannot display the EULA which must be displayed and accepted before you can use the application. To display the agreement reinstall the application.”

    I have done this twice now but get the same message. Any suggestions ?

    Many thanks, Duncan

    1. Hi Duncan,

      Have you tried clearing out the %temp% folder first? That often resolves things for me.

      1. Open Windows Explorer
      2. In the address bar enter: %temp%
      3. Press Enter
      4. Select everything in the folder that appears (Ctrl+A will work)
      5. Press Delete
      6. Some files will not be able to be deleted as they are in use. That is fine, skip those.
      7. Once the purge has completed, reboot your PC
      8. Try installing Microsoft Money 2005 once again.

      See if that works, if not feel free to get in touch again and we can explore other things.

  157. Hi Gareth,

    After many years, intermittently, trying to get an old uk version 11 money file off a windows 98 laptop and install a newer version of the software onto a modern laptop, and successfully open my old money file I finally found your website today 29th Aug.

    After approximately 1 hour I achieved what has taken me years and I can now dispense with my old laptop with no screen.

    Oh if I’d only found you years ago.

    Many many thanks


    1. Ditto. My (once) reliable Lenovo desktop burnt out the Seagate HDD losing all my software and personal data. This was just one week after Microsoft removed the Money Sunset option from it’s download page. I was bereft. I looked at other software but was not impressed with any of it. I then stumbled onto the Potting Shed option, and downloaded the available version. It was a real slog to enter all my bank details, standing orders, and other regular transactions, to ensure accurate money management and forecasting. But it was worth it. Many thanks to Gareth for ‘saving the day’.

  158. I downloaded Microsoft Money 2005 Version from this homepage two days ago. I’ve been working with Money since 2006 and I’m delighted that I was able to take over the data. Now Money runs perfectly on my new computer with Windows 11.
    Thank you very much.

  159. Thanks for all the info and maintaining this. Your link was fine and I have a test version working in W11. I am currently on MS 2004 having bought CD upgrade at the time but had a reason for not upgrading then. I wish I could remember the reason though I seem to recall it was the lack or breaking of account linking. No doubt I will find out again as I run them in parallel (on different PCs)

    When MS “sunsetted” this package they should have released a file access or complete data export system for developers to utilize (I am a software developer). MSmoney has far too much interlinked data for me to abandon and migration to whoever will lose data. MSmoney is still a good product.

  160. Hi Gareth,
    I am still using Microsoft Money 98 (Money 98 Financial Suite) with data going back to 1997 (started with previous versions).
    I came across your article on Microsoft Money 2005 and read it with interest. I thought that Microsoft Money Sunset was the only available version.
    I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Money 2005 (QFE2) UK version quite successfully on Windows 10. However, when I try to open my Money 98 MNY file, it goes through the initial steps and then when it starts creating the new file and converting, it just continues with he little spinning wheel for hours and does not do anything further until it says that the program is not responding. I tried the file repair function that you suggest, but it makes no difference.
    The MNY file is about 32MB and contains data in South African Rands which it asks to change to an alternative current which I changed to Australian dollars just for testing purposes.
    Do you have any suggestions as to why the conversion is hanging?

    Kind regards,

  161. Hi Gareth,
    I have been happily using Money 2002 since 2006 (now on 9-years old Win10 PC) and have several accounts with a lot of data which I download from the bank and link to the various accounts in Money.
    I must have been able to migrate the money accounts from the even more previous PC, up from WinXP, Win7 to Win 10.

    I am having to migrate to a new Win 11 PC, as the sound component has broken on the older PC motherboard (still able to use Money on it as before).
    In 2006 when I first started using Money, I set up a Passport but stopped using this 10 years ago, now using a password to get into Money to use offline.
    I loaded Money 2005 on my new machine but have been unable to open a saved .mny file or a .mbf file in it. My IT guru friend has just spent 2 hours on the problem, and thinks in the end it is a password issue with the data file or some setting in the Money programme itself.
    Interestingly, I have another set of church accounts which I set up on my older PC 5 years ago with a different password but no passport, and this opens in a couple of seconds, as indeed it does in Money 2005 on my new machine.
    I have a feeling that this is likely to be a straightforward solution if only I knew what that was, particularly as the church accounts open perfectly!
    It’s a bit like golf – there are 21 things you need to get just right to hit a perfect shot – if only one knew which one of the 21 was not correct!

    I would very much value your expertise on this problem.

    Kind regards,

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