Shockwave Flash crashing in Google Chrome 10


Probably about a year ago I moved from using Mozilla Firefox as my number 1 browser to using Google Chrome.

I didn’t mean to switch from Firefox. I’d been a huge fan of Firefox since before version 1.0 was released. Hey! I even contributed financially to Mozilla’s appeal to raise money for the launch and my name was published with thousands of others in a full-page advert in the NYTimes in December 2004.

But Google Chrome was just so fast.

It started quickly (more quickly than Opera), it rendered Web pages quickly and being built on the WebKit engine it supported Web standards well and supported the latest HTML5 and CSS3 developments.

Chrome Chrash

But since upgrading to Google Chrome 10 (and 10 beta) I’ve had nothing but trouble with the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin crashing every few websites.  Since Chrome 5 (released in June 2010) the Flash plugin now comes built-in to the browser, rather than relying on the separate plugin installation that Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer use.

It seems that I’m not the only person to experience this, which comes as something of a relief to me. There is currently a discussion on the Google Chrome help forum entitled ‘Chrome 10 – Flash Crashes’ which is making for an interesting read.

One suggested fix/workaround is this:

  1. Go to about:plugins
  2. Click on the [+] Details link (top right).
  3. You’ll see two listings for Shockwave Flash. I’ve got “10.2 r154” and “10.2.r152”.  The former is located in C:\Users, the later in C:\Windows\system.
  4. The advice is to disable the built-in version (the C:\Users version).

I’ve been running this workaround all evening and as yet haven’t experienced a crash.

I’ll be watching this issue very closely… who knows, I may be moving to Opera 11.1 for a while very shortly.


Tuesday 15 March: that workaround didn’t last. Shockwave Flash has been crashing again this evening. So I’ve just re-enabled it, if that’s not going to do anything.

Update 2

Wednesday 16 March: I’ve now updated to the Dev channel as someone said that version 11.0.696.12 dev was working fine for him without Flash crashing.

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7 thoughts on “Shockwave Flash crashing in Google Chrome 10”

  1. I’d be careful, you’re now going to miss any security updates rolled out to Flash by Google, the main reason they’ve included it with the browser. Have you tried changing “channel” i.e. going to/from stable/beta/developer?

  2. I’d be careful, you’re now going to miss any security updates rolled out to Flash by Google, the main reason they’ve included it with the browser. Have you tried changing “channel” i.e. going to/from stable/beta/developer?

  3. Yes, sorry I wasn’t clear about that. I swapped from Chrome 10 beta to Chrome 10 stable then back to Chrome 10 beta and each time I experienced the same issue.

    Like I said, I’m going to be watching this issue very closely and will reactivate the built-in plugin as soon Google release an upgrade.

  4. I have had the same problems with Shockwave Flash and when looking at some forums ever body was saying that the problem started when they downloaded Adobe 9, when I thought about it I had done the same about a week ago and thats when the problem started. So I looked to see if there was Adobe 10 download there was and since I downloaded it the problem has stopped (so far) so it maybe worth trying.

  5. I went into tools and selected “clear browsing data” I cleared all of the browser data AND then went back to the same panel and selected “Adobe Flash Player Settings”. Clear all of the web sites visited. Mine started working immediately.

  6. The problem keeps coming back no matter what I do. It’s times like these that I regret being an atheist, because no loud proclamation of rage could ever compare to “Oh, my f*cking god, f*ck! IE, then Firefox, then Chrome. […] !! F*ck you, Charles Babbage, you c*nt!”

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