Error 3–impossible to install hooks?!

I switched on my PC at work this morning and was presented with this dialog box:

Error 3 - Impossible to install hooks

No idea which application it’s from.  I don’t remember installing something called “Error 3”.

It’s wrong, you know. I’ve installed loads of hooks in my time. Admittedly, installing them on the back of a hollow door is tricky, but it’s certainly not impossible.

What would have been a more accurate message would have been this:

Error 3 - Impossible to lick own elbow

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20 thoughts on “Error 3–impossible to install hooks?!”

  1. Today I got a similar error message after logging into my computer:

    Error 1
    Impossible to install hooks

    The pop-up window was displayed by WinSplit.exe, i.e. WinSplit Revolution.
    I have WinSplit Revolution v11.02. After pressing OK everything seems to work normally.

  2. Hilarious. Got the same error today (9th March). Looked it up and stumbled upon your comment. You are so right.
    A good start of the day.

  3. I should have said that I suspected that it was WinSplit Revolution version 11.02. I was just trying to raise a laugh.

    I’ve had this error a couple of times now since upgrading from version 9.02, but I only get it on my Windows 7 (64-bit edition) at work, not had a problem on Windows 7 (32-bit edition) at home.

  4. <a href=""WinSplit Revolution has now been updated to version 11.03 which fixes this error:

    Bug Fix : When launched at Windows startup, messages for communication between the hook system and the main application could not be delivered “in time”, so WinSplit thought that there was a problem and was displaying an error message. […]

    New : the errors messages saying that hooks were impossible to install can now be desactivated (sic)

  5. I too have 11.03 and still this error. Only now the message is stating clearly that it comes from WinSplit.

    There is also a box to check if you do not want this message any more but it just does not work. It is back and back again every time I start windows.

    Win 7 Pro

  6. I’m still getting the error on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, only it now says “Error 1” rather than “Error 3”.

    I tried to upgrade to 11.03 this morning and got this error:

    Error opening file for writing:
    C:Program Files (x86)WinSplit RevolutionWinSplitHook32.dll
    Click Abort to stop the installation,
    Retry to try again, or
    Ignore to skip this file.

    I can’t see an option to prevent the error appearing in the options. Am I missing something or do you only get the message after the error has occurred?

  7. The “error opening file for writing” message appears because WinSplitHook32.dll is already loaded in another application. In my case it was ApntEx.exe, a little utility to manage the laptop’s Alps trackpad. If you close ALL other programs, including those that only have icons in the system notification area (aka. tray), you should be able to proceed.

    “Impossible to install hooks” still appears even after upgrading to 11.03 (I use Windows XP 32-bits); I think it only appears if the user is non-Administrator, and perhaps the reason it re-appears is that it is unable to save the “don’t show again” setting due to insufficient rights. If you can live without Drag’N’Go, you can disable that under Options and the message seems to go away (it doesn’t attempt to install the hook in the first place).

  8. Hi to all.

    Concerning the message at startup (and the non-working checkbox), it will be corrected in the “soon coming” next release.
    Here is what you can do do make the checkbox working :
    – Check-it when the message appears
    – Change something in the options (for example, the language name)
    – Apply the modified settings,
    – Close and restart WinSplit
    – Do not forget to put back the modified setting to its previous value (in my example, the language name)
    The message should not appear at WinSplit’s next startup.

    Concerning the problems while uninstalling, it will also be corrected in the next version (but the automatic update whill surely fails agin while upgrading to this version).
    We are now providing a “Cleanup Tool” for people who had problems removing an old version of WinSplit : you’ll find it on the download page.


    Xav’ (WinSplit Revolution Developper)

  9. I just installed Winsplit 11 .03 for the very first time, Windows 7 Premium, and I get the error just as described. I like the program’s convenience. It’s a minor annoyance.

  10. Now, I am not saying I found a fix, but this is what my setup looks like:

    On my work PC, I checked the box for “do not show this”, but on my home PC, I set Drag’n’Go to not require any modifier keys.

    After having completed a fresh install on my home PC, I don’t see the error message at launch. My work PC, of course, continues to display the message, albeit not all the time.

    I’m using Winsplit Revolution v11.03. Work PC is using Win XP x86 with SP3 (as of this post). Home PC is using Win 7 Ultimate x64 with SP1 (as of this post).

  11. 11.04 of split revolution is available, however on my xp pro sp3 is doesnt run at all, it starts up and then closes by itself, something to do with the winsplitdrvr32.exe file. I’ve tried running the Cleanup tool and reinstalling it, but same thing. i.e. run cleanup tool. reboot, install 11.04, 11.03 installs and runs ok, except for the unable to install hooks, 2 options i see above testing 1 of them now. Just dont understand whats changed so much in the winsplitdrvr32.exe file to stop it running at all in the 11.04 version

  12. I’ve got 11.04 installed now… and every time I shut down my PC I get an error saying that it cannot access memory at 0x00000000. So now I have to remember to exit WinSplit Revolution before I shutdown my PC. Oddly, I have it installed on a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional at work and I don’t have the same issue.

    Here’s a screenshot on TwitPic.

    I rolled back to 11.03 and the shutdown issues went away but then I kept getting nagged to upgrade to 11.04. Caught between a rock and a hard place. I did email WinSplit Revolution’s support but didn’t get a reply.

  13. to remove the nag about updating to 11.04 just go into options and remove the tick under web update, Checking website for winsplit updates should remove that nag.

  14. Thanks Andrew, I’ve done that. My point, though really was that it *shouldn’t* throw errors like that when my PC shuts down. I’m stuck with either errors with 11.03 when my PC starts-up or error messages with 11.04 when it shuts down. Hrrrumph!

  15. Your lucky i’ve currently got 11.03 installed cause 11.04 wont run at all when i install it. it installs fine, but when run it closes down. open taskmanager and nothing, running windows xp pro sp3. that really weird.

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