A short-sighted way to save some money

It occurred to me the other day that I don’t need to switch on the bathroom light when I go for a shower.

I’m myopic: short-sighted; for those who can read these things, my last glasses prescription was this:

  Sphere Cylinder Axis
Right -9.50 -1.75 30.0
Left -8.75 -2.50 175.0

So in the shower, without my glasses on, I can’t see a thing, really.

At night and early in the morning there is a gentle amber glow from the street lamps outside that gives me enough light in the bathroom to make out the outlines of the large, blurred items of furniture.

I know where everything is on the shower rack: shampoo, shower gel, shaving paraphernalia, etc.

So why would I need the light on?

Bingo! An instant way to save a few pennies.

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