This situation in Libya with Colonel Gaddafi is interesting; disturbing, but also interesting.

One word comes to mind: ‘delusional’.

Actually two words: ‘delusional’ and ‘fashion nightmare’, but I digress.

There is a fascinating interview with him conducted by the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen where he says that he cannot resign as he has no official position.

“Muammar Gaddafi is not a president to resign, he does not even have a parliament to dissolve,”he said in a speech, adding that he held “no position from which to step down.”

“The Libyan system is a system of the people and no one can go against the authority of the people … The people are free to chose the authority they see fit,” he said. (Reuters)

I presume then that he wouldn’t object if someone else—on the authority of the people, say—set themselves up as president and formed a parliament.

Or am I maybe reading this wrong?

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  1. Gareth for President!!! I’ll be your Transport or Health Secretary, depending on who else is in the cabinet! 😉 Reuben and Joshua would be good as Transport Secs actually, there’d be LOADS of tractors in Libya then! 😀

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