Alek’s controllable Christmas lights for Cœliac disease

Kyle and Alek testing the Christmas inflatables
Kyle and Alek testing the Christmas inflatables

Every Christmas Alek Komarnitsky decks his house with over 20,000 lights and covers his lawn with enormous, controllable inflatables.  Controllable by you, that is.  Which you can watch live on one of his three webcams.

Check it out: Alek’s controllable Christmas lights for Celiac disease

Alek’s children have an auto-immune disease called Cœliac disease (spelt “Celiac disease” in North America), and Alek uses his website to raise money for research into the disease. So far he’s raised over US $50,000.

You can make a donation online at the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research.

If you have the time take an explore round the rest of Alek’s website:  It really is one of my favourite websites because, even though it doesn’t have the most sophisticated design, it simply contains so much life and love.

Battlefield Play4Free closed beta

Battlefield Play4Free
Battlefield Play4Free closed beta invitation

Look what email dropped into my inbox the other day: an invitation to the Battlefield Play4Free closed beta.  (I’ve obviously edited the image to remove my “personal beta key”.)

I signed up there and and then and over the course of the next couple of hours I…

According to the Beta Testing Agreement I’m allowed to disclose only two things about it:

  1. The fact that there is an official Beta Program for the Game.
  2. The fact that you are a member of the official Beta Program for the Game.

Okay.  There is an official beta programme for Battlefield Play4Free.  I am a member of that official beta programme.  Am I not even allowed to say that I quite like it?

The Battlefield Play4Free Facebook page will tell you more, though.