DigiTech GenEdit 1.6 works in Windows 7 compatibility mode

DigiTech GNX2 GenetX guitar processor
DigiTech GNX2

I own a DigiTech GNX2 guitar multi-effect processor, or “Guitar WorkStation” as DigiTech called it.  Although it’s a few years old now—I bought it probably around six years ago—it’s still a really nice piece of kit.

One of the things that attracted me to this particular pedal, which I bought to replace a DigiTech RP6 that died on me a few hours before a gig, was that it promised to connect to my PC via MIDI.

Well, I’m delighted to report that the DigiTech GNX2 still connects to my PC running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit).  The trick is to right-click the shortcut icon, select Properties and on the Compatibility tab select “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3)“.

As soon as I did that I saw this:

DigiTech GenEdit 1.6a
DigiTech GenEdit 1.6a

In the past I’ve found GenEdit 1.61a really useful as it allows you make adjustments to user presets while sitting at my desk, guitar on my knee, rather than hunched over a floor pedal twiddling the small controls on the “guitar workstation”.


I switched on my DigiTech GNX2 this morning for the first time in a couple of years, to be honest (we’ve had twins, you know!) and … the presets kept randomly ‘flickering’ between one and the next.

So, for example, I’d be on factory preset #1 and while playing the GNX2 would quickly switch to factory preset #2 and then back to #1. Repeat.

My heart sank. I was really looking forward to getting back into playing, until baby #3 arrives and I’ll have to put it on hold for another couple of years.

However, a quick factory reset later and all appears to be well so far.

And what has this to do with GenEdit?  I backed-up all my custom user presets via MIDI in about a minute. Something that would have taken me hours to do with my old DigiTech RP6 as I would have had to manually scroll through each preset and write down all the settings. Genius!

Download GenEdit 1.61a

A few people have said that they can no longer find GenEdit 1.61a for download. You can download it here from my Dropbox.

Filesize: 6.16 MB

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13 thoughts on “DigiTech GenEdit 1.6 works in Windows 7 compatibility mode”

  1. Hi, i am trying to use GenEdit but i can’t get the computer to talk to the GNX3 unit. I am using a midi USB cable. Are you using a similar device? If so which one (brand?) please.

    Any other tips most welcome…!


    1. Hey I’ve got a digitech gnx3 and it’s amazing and looking in the back of the manual I found out about the GenEdit cd rom and I want to purchase the GenEdit cd rom but don’t know where I can find it … Can you please help me …
      Thanks … GOD BLESS !!!

  2. Hi Mark, I’ve been using a standard 5-pin MIDI cable, as my Creative X-Fi soundcard has MIDI in and out ports. I’ve never tried it using a MIDI-to-USB cable. I’ve also not tried it on Windows 8, which is what I’m running now.

  3. thank you so much! my gnx3 crapped out and i was having trouble saving the presets for use with my new pedal. thanks again

  4. I’ve not tried it. The soundcard on my new PC doesn’t have MIDI in/out now, and my Digitech pedal is currently in the attic, following a house room shuffle. It’s unlikely I’ll be looking into this any time soon. Anyone else?

  5. I have a friend with a Digitech RP6 pedal, but no power supply. If your pedal has died, you may have a power supply gathering dust in your attic!

  6. Hi Gareth & happy new year!
    Since I found your post when researching the GenEdit software, thought I would pass along a quick update (hopefully it helps the next person?)

    I installed this morning on Windows 10 .. and it still works! 🙂
    (Be sure to install as admin and run in XP Compatibility mode per your post). For the person asking for the CD-Rom a few months back; not necessary, everything can be downloaded from the digitech website. Also for the question about the midi cable, any standard cable should work.

    Best and thanks again, Steve

    1. Pleased to report that GenEdit also works under Win 11 with the same process described by Steve. Anyone have the GenEdit 1.61 help file?

      1. Hello again i downloaded the file..thanks

        I have only usb midi cable .. Can you teach mo how to connect to my pc?

        Theres an error no compatible device

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