Reorganising and rearranging

It all started this morning when I said to Jane if she minded me hoovering and mopping the floors downstairs.

Of course she didn’t mind!

A couple of months ago we had a cleaner — a wonderfully practical joint Christmas and birthday present from family. She visited twice — did a marvelous job — and then phoned to say that she’d had a nervous breakdown and was quitting. Was our house really that untidy I joked … erm, empathetically.

The most time-consuming thing with hoovering and mopping is the preparation: clearing the carpet, and ‘playing shipwreck’ with the furniture so that those items that normally sit on the floor are balanced on tables and chairs.

And so with everything stacked on top of the TV cabinet, the sofa and a couple of chairs in the middle of the room I was reminded at how much space we used to have.

And, well, one thing led to another and we spent most of the day rearranging furniture.

Under the stairs

It started with the ‘dumping ground’ beneath the stairs which was transformed into something practical.

Coats and shoes under the stairs
Under the stairs


Next, the bookcase housing our rather pityful VHS (remember those?) and DVD collection came out from behind the sofa and sat proudly next to the television.

We might even get to watch some of them, now that we can get to them.

If you look closely you’ll see that Paddington Bear and Rubert the Bear even joined in; they are currently partying beneath the TV.

Bookcase with videos next to a TV
Video/DVD storage


Finally, the bookcase that had been dominating the space beneath the stairs found new life as toy storage in the living room.

Toys arranged on shelves
Storage for toys

It’s been a very productive day.  But there is still much to do …

Quick visit to Selkirk

Blurred photograph of Reuben and Joshua in Selkirk
Reuben and Joshua demonstrating just how quick our visit was

Thanks to a little golfing tournament in the Royal Burgh of St Andrews the employees of Scotland’s first university were granted two additional days vacation.

So yesterday we took the opportunity to make a quick visit to see my Mum — following her foot operation a couple of weeks ago — my sister Jenni and nephew Benjamin.

And unfortunately it really was a quick visit:

  • Arrive
  • Jane had prepared lunch which she popped into the oven
  • Eat lunch
  • Clear up
  • Shopping for Mum
  • Visit Jenni and Benjamin for 10 minutes
  • Deliver shopping to Mum
  • Leave for home again

We left Anstruther just after 09:00 and got back home around 18:00, which is about the time they normally go upstairs for a bath, and they hadn’t even had their dinner yet.

So we just pushed everything back an hour, ate dinner and then went out to the park outside our back gate for a kick about with the football to run off some of their energy; they’d been sitting in the car for much of the day. (We’re not daft!)

They were great! I was so proud of them all day.

Joshua sitting on a chair
Reuben looking thoughtful