Vuvuzelas in worship

Before last week I’d never heard of the word ‘vuvuzelas’ let alone heard one.

Seemingly, a vuvuzela is a traditional horn (if “becoming popular in South Africa in the 1990s” can be regarded as traditional) used at football matches. You may have heard one or two of them yourself if you’ve watched or listened to any of the World Cup matches on the electric television.


Seemingly they’re loud. Very loud.  Loud enough to frighten small children. And make you deaf.

The sound level of the instrument has been measured at 127 decibels (dB).  To put that in context: leaves rustling is about 13 dB, a quiet radio is about 40 dB, inside a bus is about 85 dB, thunder is around 110 dB, a jet taking off is around 130 dB, the threshold of pain is just over 130 dB!


But there have been complaints and calls for vuvuzelas to be banned from matches. Seemingly they’ve already been banned at Wimbledon. And at chess matches. I imagine.

In worship

The question is what would Jesus do?

I think that the British churches should stand alongside these persecuted vuvuzela players (vuvuzelaists?) and on the weekend of the World Cup Finals final use them in the act of worship on Sunday morning.

Can you imagine it?

Vicar: I now invite the youth group band forward who will lead us in worship this morning on their brightly-coloured vuvuzela horns. So, let’s stand and sing together hymn number 14 ‘All things bright and beautiful’.


I the lonely girl

This is, without a doubt, one of the best emails that I’ve ever received.  Even if it is spam.


I looked your structure, and you have very strongly interested me, I want to know you closer, and probably we become friends or more.

I the lonely girl, I search for the man and I think, that you very much approach me also I want, that you would write to me on mine address of e-mail:

I shall be very glad to see your letter when, I shall receive your letter, I shall answer your message and I shall send you very good and beautiful photos, I think, that it very much to like you.

I shall tell to you a lot of interesting about me, I think, that very much to like you my stories about me, and I shall speak you only the truth, I not when do not deceive people.

I do not want you to ask, that you would answer me because I have no men and I very strongly miss on man’s caress and I search worthy for the man for me and it seems to me, that you worthy for me, and I want you to know closer.

I shall look forward to hearing from you, and you should not forget, that I every day shall look forward to hearing from you.

Yours and for ever Irina.