Fail Whale

Twitter is over capacity

There’s a sight you don’t see as often as you used to, the infamous Twitter Fail Whale.

Is Twitter down is incorrectly reporting: No. (But then it depends on what it’s doing to determine that answer. The Fail Whale is showing so there’s something being served from the Twitter servers.)

Down for everyone or just me is reporting “It’s not just you! looks down from here.”

Now, I wouldn’t mind quite so much, except that earlier this evening I was locked out of my Twitter account for attempting to connect too often with ‘the wrong password’.

Even though it was the correct password. Even though I’d just reset my password. Even though I’d just successfully logged into Twitter in Firefox with my new, correct password — the new, correct password that was replacing the old, also correct password.

Despite all that Twitter still wouldn’t let me login in Google Chrome. Or TweetDeck. Or Facebook. Which was odd because I was already logged in in Firefox. How can I be both locked out and logged in at the same time? Come on Twitter, sort it out!

(Speaking of which: why is Facebook so unbelievably difficult to use when you’re trying to locate the settings to switch off the Twitter application so that it doesn’t keep attempting to login to Twitter with the wrong password?)

I guess I’ll have to wait until the morning to see if the lock has been removed and I can successfully login once again.

How frustrating…

Update: 23:45

At last! I’m in again. Although TweetDeck is now fluctuating the Twitter status between “Internal Server Error”, “There is a problem – don’t panic” and “All Good”.