Not The Italian Job

If the film The Italian Job had been about trying to a steal a small whale nail brush and place it on a large wooden rocking cow, but unfortunately the small whale nail brush was knocked and ended up balancing precariously on the edge of the large wooden rocking cow then Joshua would have just now re-enacted that film perfectly.

But unfortunately it’s not. So he didn’t.

Waking up with glasses on

Last night I had a really weird dream.

The only bit that I can remember of it was that I was lying in bed and something fell off the wall onto my bedside table (that’s a night stand to American viewers) and smashed my glasses.

That obviously worried my unconscious mind enough to do something practical about it.  I know that because when I woke up in the morning I was wearing my glasses.

I’m pretty sure though that wearing my glasses in my sleep did enable me to see my dreams more clearly.  See: always finding the positive side in everything.