Your account is among

@minifig tweeted this morning: “I guess the people who [are good] enough at English to write believable spam end up working for PR agencies, right?”

Which brings me quite nicely to an example of the kind of phishing emails that we get occasionally at the University. This one arrived this morning:

Dear Webmail User

This is to formally inform all our webmail users that we will be upgrading our site to block spam. We also have congestion due to the anonymous registration of accounts, so we conclude a number of accounts which are not active and your account is among. We are sending you this e-mail notification to alert you of this upgrade and let us know if you still want to use this account. Because of congestion in the mail server, Webmail Administrator would close any unused account.

To confirm your account active, you are obliged to give us your e-mail account information listed below, this information would be needed to verify your account and all below information are kept classified;

* E-mail:
* Username:

* Password:
* Re-type password:
* Birth Date:

Waiting for the details of your e-mail.

Warning! Account owners who refuse to send this information after 3 days of receiving this warning will lose his / her account permanently.

Seriously?!  Oh no!  I’d better reply immediately.

I guess that spammer won’t be getting a PR agency job any time soon.