Expensive week

Woah! That’s been way too long since my last post. March feels like a long, long time ago — although between then and now I have got used to only 4-5 hours sleep a night, although that’s now improving a great deal.

My last post was about an expensive evening.  Things haven’t got much better, to be honest.  Our dishwasher packed in (started pouring water all over the kitchen floor one Friday evening!); the other morning the en suite shower started pouring water through the study ceiling; the boiler stopped working a few nights ago (lost pressure and was spilling water onto the floor — switching it off, topping up the water pressure and switching it back on again seemed to do the trick); and yesterday the new dishwasher stopped working (again: switch it off, switch it back on again did the trick).

Then there’s the car: Renault Mégane Sport Tourer DTi.  Great car, does about 650 miles from one tank of diesel.  Rubbish car, though, if you need to replace a headlight bulb: you have to take it to a garage, unless you have arms the diameter of a drumstick and the agility of Mr Tickle.  So we’re going to sell/trade in both cars (Vauxhall and Renault) and buy a new estate … stay tuned for details!