An expensive evening

Washing machine

It’s been an expensive evening today.  First the washing machine packed in, and we decided to cut our losses and buy a new one.

With twin boys we definitely need a reliable washing machine. The new one (Indesit WIXE 127) has faster programmes and is more economic than our existing one.  That was £280 spent in just a couple of clicks.

While the purchasing process was relatively pain-free on the Currys website (unlike the Halfords site, which didn’t allow me to even add the products I wanted into my shopping cart) I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Currys website feature that suggested additional/complementary products.

With my new washing machine it suggested that we needed a “4-way surge protector with telephone protection”.

Does the Indest WIXE 127 come with telephone/internet access?

Roof bars

Next up: roof bars. We’re going on holiday early next month, to the environs of Shrewsbury for a friend’s wedding.  This time we are four, and as you know small babies need an inordinate amount of stuff, so we’re borrowing a roof box … but need roof bars for Jane’s Renault.

So I turned to Halfords, and as I said it wouldn’t allow me to add them to the shopping cart. It got stuck in a loop, the warning in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome informed me.  Thicko IE8 just kept trying …

I got the roof bars cheaper (about £80) on eBay in the end, anyway.