Wikipedia names your band

What a great meme, spotted on Ricky Carvel’s blog: Wikipedia names your band.

Here are the rules:

  1. Band name
    Go to a random Wikipedia article. The name of the article becomes your band name.

  2. Album title
    Next go to Random Quotations. The last 4-5 words of the last quotation on the page are your the title of your first album.

  3. Album cover
    Now go to Flickr’s Explore the last 7 days and choose the third picture. This will be your album cover.

  4. Final article
    Finally put them all together and you have an album cover.

I’ve just done it three times. I think I’ve found my new hobby!

Earl of Sefton Stakes – “Can’t hear what they say?”

Earl of Sefton Stakes
Photo credit: liao,che-yi

This is the first one I created. It was a bit too disturbing, so I signed to another record label, changed the name of the band and ended up with our new album …

Vydra – “Men just need a place”

Photo credit: ailicec

Vydra did really well, reaching number 51 in the alternative rock charts. The NME said that we were quite literally “a peg above the rest” but disaster struck when the drummer left to start his own laundry business.

But not one to stay down I found another bass player, changed our name once again, and released …

Akreavenek Island – “Affirmatively says nothing”

Akreavenek Island
Photo credit: Rock the pixel

Akreavenek Island are your typical rock/metal crossover act, somewhere between Sigur Rós and Rammstein meets Extreme Noise Terror and Celine Dion. We cover mostly ballads. But with more shouting and white noise than the originals. Available now in no good record stores.

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Gareth Saunders

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3 thoughts on “Wikipedia names your band”

  1. What a great idea, and the ones you show work well! Wish we’d had this option before one of our band members decided we’d be called Fraud!

    I’ll see what wiki comes up with for me…

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