BTVision to get a software upgrade

BTVision digital tuner and PVR
BTVision digital tuner and PVR

Great to see that the BTVision box (the V-box™) is getting a software update this month.  The update focuses on three main improvements:

  1. Recording
    All new recordings you set up will add 5 minutes to the end.  This is great news, as the current setup often loses the last couple of minutes from the end of programmes.
  2. Restarts
    On a number of occasions we’ve returned to our BTVision box to discover that for some reason it’s rebooted itself and thinks it’s doing a first-time install.  The new update will “reduce this from happening”.
  3. User interface tweak
    The UI is getting a tweak, making it “a bit more clear”, we’re promised.

All that said, overall as it is I think it’s a really great system.  I need to blog about it at the other place … maybe once the update has gone through (sometime between 6 – 20 October).

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2 thoughts on “BTVision to get a software upgrade”

  1. This was one of the reasons we went for the Freeview Topfield PVR when we bought ours (almost 2 years ago).

    The ability to upgrade the firmware directly and use a range of alternative user interfaces and other utilities (TAPS) makes it a nice machine to use. That and being able to transfer TV programme files to a PC for editing and then burning to DVD.

    But a PVR does completely change the way you watch TV. I remember the first time we sat recording 2 programmes at the same time while watching a programme we had recorded earlier.

  2. Absolutely … but I now want to be able to do that with my digital radio.

    I’ll catch the back-end of some news item or a comment on some programme and think “What was that … I’ll just rewind it and find out …” Only to remember disappointedly that I can’t.

    The other night, for the first time, we recorded two programmes at the same time while watching another … on VHS. It felt so retro.

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