DVD Return Fail

One of my favourite blogs at the moment is the Fail Blog. It contains user-submitted photos and videos of various fails. Basically places where someone has messed up: accidents, ill-placed signs, products in the wrong place, etc.

I’ve just submitted this image:

Nanny McPhee DVD returned in Hoboken Hollow wallet

It’s not hilarious, but it is a fail.

I’ve just had to send it back with a note saying “It wasnae me!”

English Fail Blog

I’ve only just discovered the English Fail Blog too, which highlights bad spelling and grammar. It’s really gude and fnny (sic).

Corsair Flash Voyager

Corsair Flash Voyager
Corsair Flash Voyager

For quite some time my USB drive of choice has been the Corsair Flash Voyager. Its solid rugged rubbery case keeps my data safe and it’s frighteningly fast when it comes to data transfer.  Their GT range is even faster

I started out with a 512MB model, before slowly moving up through the ranks of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and now I have an 8GB model (7.48GB of usable space).

Right now I have 14,394 files on my 8GB drive, which equals about 6GB … maybe it’s time to upgrade to something bigger.

Amazon UK are now selling a 16GB model for £31.60, and the 16GB GT for £33.95.  That’s an absolute bargain by my standards.  The 32GB model is just over £70; there is even a 64MB model for £155.