2 thoughts on “New Metallica song: The Day That Never Comes”

  1. Yes, indeed T.D.T.N.C starts out like the beginning of ‘fade to black’ goes through Load/Reload and a bit of Justice… but listen to ourselves – we and the rest of fans keep saying ‘it’s better than the last album, or it sounds like so & so… I started listening to metallica during Master Of Puppets days and back then I never said or heard anyone saying these things about the albums. Every album back then excited you, Every album back then you know was going to kick ass. Now, and back during and the Black Album era it wasnt exciting to hear the albums.

    Metallica is old & dead my friends. They don’t even know what the hell they’re doing anymore. They needed a shrink last album geez – lets move on and except music is dead too.

  2. sorry I forgot another opinion about the ‘new single’, – It’s not bad at all to me (better than most songs being played on the radio today, but it sounds like metallica is trying way too hard to rip-off it’s own style from the past, it’s not at all exciting to me. These guyz are in their forties now and when you have sold out arenas & stadiums, won grammy awards, dated super models, have millions of dollars, babies & kids…what the hell is there to be angry at anymore??? I find it hard to believe they’ll ever make another Kill em all, the dcided and justice for all was as mean as they can get now.

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