Charting my hair loss

Charting my hair loss on

Someone was teasing me today about my hair loss. But you know, there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it — it’s not that I didn’t study hard at school! — so I don’t really worry about it, to be honest.

Sure, there are some days when I wish I had a full head of hair. But what does fascinate me about these online blogging sites, such as 12seconds is that it does allow me an opportunity to chart my hair loss!

One day I’ll have to ask the lovely Jane to kindly shave my head completely, but in the meantime I’ll just carry on trying not to look like Barry from Eastenders!

Error’d: Attention required

Microsoft ActiveSync - Notes: attention required.

What a tremendous error message I received the other day while trying to synchronize Outlook with my O2 Xda Orbit (running Windows Mobile 6). In the status column opposite the Notes icon I got the message: Attention required.

Above it, against my profile (Home) written in red the same message: Attention required. But this one was a link.

So I clicked it. And got a pop-up window with the meaningful message: Notes: attention required.

Kind of wish I hadn’t bothered now! Still, at least I gave it some attention.

There’s some folks I know who could really do with that alert window — actually, not so much for them but those around them!

12 seconds

My first 12second update on

Hoorah! Yesterday 12seconds send me an invitation to join their closed alpha of their new video status update website.

As the name suggests you have 12 seconds to record your video update.

This is my first post, using the Logitech “50s movie reel” effect built-into QuickCam. Very retro.

Not sure why I said I was from 1832, though.