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I discovered this conversation saved in my blog post drafts. It’s from an online conversation I had in April 2007 with my friend James.

James: Hello!
Gareth: Hello. Been on the phone to Jane.
James: How’s Jane?
Gareth: Tired and feeling ill … and in Ellon – north of Aberdeen.
James: Well that’s no good 🙁
Gareth: She has a Royal visit today, which she has to attend for her work.
James: Who’s visiting?
Gareth: Jane.


Gareth: I don’t know. I suspect it will be the Earl of Wessex (aka Prince Edward).
James: Ahhh!


James: I was just reading a story on the BBC about a man who was conned out of £16,000 – He said that he “literally” cried his heart out!
Gareth: What was the URL?
James: Oh, no – wait – he ‘literally’ cried it out multiple times! “There’s many times that I literally cry my heart out”
Gareth: LOL
James: 😀 Also, this story is fantastic: Duck emerges victorious from car incident
Gareth: “He sent her more than £10,000 to pay for her travel and a visa so she could be with him.” £10,000?!! Where is she travelling from, the moon?
James: LOL
Gareth: I might email him and tell him that I’m the daughter of a Nigerian king who needs to shift $14 milllion out of the country and could he help in exchange for $1m and my hand in marriage. All he has to do is send me his bank details and meet me at Heathrow.
James: 😀
Gareth: Oh, and he should bring a bucket and a cardiac surgeon.
James: :'(
James: (Those are tears, not my heart, by the way)
Gareth: LOL :'(
Gareth: LOL :'( I’ve just noticed this:


  • Girls saved in coast walk mishap
  • M25 Samaritan falls in 20ft hole
  • Man dies when car goes into field

Gareth: Who would want to visit Kent if that’s the best news they can offer?
James: Not I!

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