Phishing spam

Got some more phishing spam this week at work.  This time it was supposedly from ACCOUNT CENTER and had the subject UPGRAD YOUR ACCOUNT.

Nice use of British English there.

Here’s what it said:

Dear Email Account Owner,

Wow! A personalised email, then!

This message is from educational messaging center to all our email account owners. We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center.

We are deleting all our  email accounts to create more space for new accounts.

Wait, wait, wait!

First of all, I love the name of the administrational unit: “educational messaging center”, and with American spelling of centre too … and not a capital letter in sight.

Their reasoning for asking you to send them your username and password (which is the next bit) is terrific: “we are deleting all our email accounts to create more space for new accounts.”

That doesn’t even make business sense!  It’s like a bank saying: “we are clearing out all the money in the bank in order to create more space for new money.”

It finishes off by saying:

Thank you for using!
Warning Code: VX2G99AAJ

I looked up that warning code, it stands for: “This e-mail was sent by phishing, scamming scum”.  Good to know.

NOTE: This message is authorize by the email account protector unit.Notification message will be send back to you after verifying your account before account could be reset. All right reserve.

Wow! I wish we had an “email account protector unit”, that sounds like a cool place to work. I imagine that they dress up in armour and have a big round table with a hole cut out of the centre in which they place the e-mail server.

Do not reply

SERIOUSLY, if you ever get an e-mail anything like this: DO NOT REPLY.

Instead, if you have any doubt about its authenticity then just forward the e-mail to me, along with your username and password, date of birth, address and …

Only joking, I don’t want to see your spam, I get enough of it myself!

Wrong version of IE

So there I was, answering support calls in our helpdesk call management system when I copied a URL into the address bar of Mozilla Firefox 3.0, hit return and …

Well, I was a little surprised to read the following title bar text:

And this error message on the page.

Sorry, this application is not supported on this version of your browser. Your version of Internet Explorer needs to be upgraded to 5.5 or above.  Please contact your System Administrator.

Darn! I knew I should still be using Internet Explorer 5.5.

Another conversation

Speech bubble

I discovered this conversation saved in my blog post drafts. It’s from an online conversation I had in April 2007 with my friend James.

James: Hello!
Gareth: Hello. Been on the phone to Jane.
James: How’s Jane?
Gareth: Tired and feeling ill … and in Ellon – north of Aberdeen.
James: Well that’s no good 🙁
Gareth: She has a Royal visit today, which she has to attend for her work.
James: Who’s visiting?
Gareth: Jane.


Gareth: I don’t know. I suspect it will be the Earl of Wessex (aka Prince Edward).
James: Ahhh!


James: I was just reading a story on the BBC about a man who was conned out of £16,000 – He said that he “literally” cried his heart out!
Gareth: What was the URL?
James: Oh, no – wait – he ‘literally’ cried it out multiple times! “There’s many times that I literally cry my heart out”
Gareth: LOL
James: 😀 Also, this story is fantastic: Duck emerges victorious from car incident
Gareth: “He sent her more than £10,000 to pay for her travel and a visa so she could be with him.” £10,000?!! Where is she travelling from, the moon?
James: LOL
Gareth: I might email him and tell him that I’m the daughter of a Nigerian king who needs to shift $14 milllion out of the country and could he help in exchange for $1m and my hand in marriage. All he has to do is send me his bank details and meet me at Heathrow.
James: 😀
Gareth: Oh, and he should bring a bucket and a cardiac surgeon.
James: :'(
James: (Those are tears, not my heart, by the way)
Gareth: LOL :'(
Gareth: LOL :'( I’ve just noticed this:


  • Girls saved in coast walk mishap
  • M25 Samaritan falls in 20ft hole
  • Man dies when car goes into field

Gareth: Who would want to visit Kent if that’s the best news they can offer?
James: Not I!