ZoneAlarm + KB951748 = no connection

Update #2

I meant to update this earlier.  There is now a fix, which you should download from the ZoneAlarm website.

Original post

For those of you that didn’t see this at the other place: Microsoft Update KB951748 and ZoneAlarm woes

In short: ZoneAlarm + Security update for Windows (KB951748) = no internet connection.

Update 1

For those folks who don’t bother clicking through to my other blog post: the advice from ZoneAlarm is to uninstall the KB951748 hotfix until there is a more robust solution from either Microsoft or ZoneAlarm.

Setting your Internet Security level to Medium isn’t advised for long-term use — it opens your PC up to more risks than it’s worth.

Or just uninstall ZoneAlarm and use the Windows XP built-in firewall.

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9 thoughts on “ZoneAlarm + KB951748 = no connection”

  1. Ah… just had a frustrating evening trying to work out what was wrong with my connection! Problem solved by trial and error… and you’ve just confirmed what it was.

  2. @FNP — you clearly didn’t follow the link to my blog post.

    Setting ZoneAlarm to Medium is strongly discouraged for long-term periods.

    The recommended advice of ZoneAlarm is to uninstall the KB951478 hotfix until there’s a more robust solution from either Microsoft or ZoneAlarm.

  3. `The recommended advice of ZoneAlarm is to uninstall the KB951478 hotfix’

    Yet another reason not to touch ZoneAlarm with a barge-pole. Where do they think you’re going to download the fixed version from, when your DNS has been poisoned due to the major DNS security vulnerability that occupied my whole day yesterday?

    I also fail to see what’s wrong with XP’s own firewall.

  4. I uninstalled hot fix KB951748 on July 10 — it reinstalled on July 12! Still shuts down internet, so I uninstalled again.

  5. My problem is I thought that I uninstalled ZoneAlarm form my PC via Remove programs when I went to DSL.

    Here comes service pack 3 now I have no connection. With the help of DSL Co tried to remove KB951748 with out any luck.

    When I tried to remove ZoneAlarm from my system did I somehow leave enough of ZoneAlarm’s firewall program to be causing me my non-connection?

    Please any help

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