My only conversation with Sophie

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One of the weird and wonderful consequences of having appeared in Danny Wallace’s book Join Me in 2003 is that every now and then I would get random strangers contacting me, mostly via MSN Messenger.

Yesterday I was searching through old logs of conversations, looking for a conversation I’d had with Steve Lawson a couple of months ago when I stumbled upon this rather sweet conversation I had with a 13 year old Joinee called Sophie.

It’s the one and only conversation that I had with her on Messenger. Probably because her parents discovered that she’d been chatting with a 30-something cult member in the northern and barbaric ice kingdom of Scotland.

22 June 2006 at 19:08

Sophie: Hello
Gareth: Hello
Sophie: Sorry I’ve never talked before. I was on your website and found your email. I’m a Joinee of Danny, by the way.
Gareth: πŸ˜€ What’s your name?


Sophie: Sorry about that. My MSN is a bit lethal.
Gareth: I asked “What’s your name?”, but you’d gone!
Sophie: Hehe … eek! Sorry, my name’s Sophie. πŸ™‚
Gareth: Hello Sophie. My name is Gareth, but I guess you know that. πŸ˜€
Sophie: Yep I do πŸ˜€ You’re in Danny Wallace’s book Join Me, in case you didn’t know πŸ™‚ and you like Metallica.
Gareth: As I happens I am, and I do. And I’m listening to Metallica right now: Metallica – Last Caress – 2006/06/03 Nurburgring, GER. That’s amazing! How do you know such things?!
Sophie: Well.. it does take quite a genius to know those facts πŸ˜€
Gareth: So, what of you? Where are you on this vast but interesting planet of ours?
Sophie: Um, I live near London. In Buckinghamshire? I am 13 … nearly 14 … um … Danny Wallace is like my hero LOL … erm.. I like skiing and football and odd things, Oh and I say KAPOW! a lot …
Gareth: Cool! There are not enough people who say “KAPOW!” in my view.
Sophie: Definitely! Phew, It’s not just me πŸ™‚ I seem to scare people a lot by saying it but I think of it this way: I’m normal in a world of weird people.
Gareth: Are you related to Batman, by any chance? I mean, I won’t be disappointed if you are not.
Sophie: Yes! He’s my brother.
Gareth: Oh. Cool!
Sophie: Yep!!
Gareth: Cool and the cool, as my friend Rory would say.
Sophie: What a lovely phrase.

Pause for a couple of minutes

Gareth: Sorry, I nipped downstairs.
Sophie: No problem.
Gareth: I got a letter today from a company telling me to remove people’s comments on one of my blog posts or they’d take me to court.
Sophie: :S
Gareth: Which was quite exciting. So now — having removed them — I am now writing them a letter. I’d popped down to run it past Jane.
Sophie: How come? Eek! Good luck with writing them a letter πŸ™‚ What was the problem with the comments?
Gareth: They were libellous.
Sophie: :S

And that was it. Imagine if we kept a written record of every single conversation — trivial and important — that we’d ever had. I wonder if it would make for as good reading as my conversation with Sophie that summer’s evening two years ago.

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3 thoughts on “My only conversation with Sophie”

  1. I love finding these little snippets of life.

    I found a whole load of old old emails I’d saved (on a floppy disk – that shows you the age of them!) and they made very amusing reading.

  2. I used to look through my old ones at home when I was still rocking XP but nowadays I rarely look through my Pidgin logs.
    I guess this is why I love Gmail, I just archive everything. It’s great to look back and see the odd proper email and I occassionally go through MySpace back to 2004 when I first joined and look at the old messages.

    on a related note I recently found an old note book with dittys and “song” lyrics I’d written, some of these from back in 2000/1, felt odd reading them again!

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