Regular expressions

Last week I ordered The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite by Rich Bowen on Amazon UK.

It arrived today, and I’m nearly one third through it already.  It’s a really well written, easy to read book about that mysterious “Swiss Army Knife” or URL manipulation.

For those who don’t know, mod_rewrite is what makes WordPress web addresses (URLs) so friendly.

So this evening I’m playing with a cool application called The Regex Coach, which allows you to play with regular expressions (often shortened to ‘regex’) and see how they react to some example text that you give it.

Collusion dream

Fancy starting a new campaign with me? It’s a campaign of collusion for Web designers and it’s really pretty simple, I can’t believe that we’ve not thought of it sooner.

Here’s how it goes: we all agree to completely ignore the existence of Internet Explorer!

That’s it!  As simple as that.

It will, of course, lead to conversations like this:

Client: That new site you’ve just designed, it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer

Web designer: Inter.. what?

Client: Internet Explorer.  My web browser.  Internet Explorer 7.  IE7?

Web designer: IE7? Never heard of it.

Client: You must have heard of it.  Internet Explorer!  It comes installed on every Windows PC.

Web designer: It’s not on mine.  Seriously? It’s called IE7? … nope! Really doesn’t ring a bell, I’m afraid. It must be one of those really tiny, unpopular browsers.  We don’t support those, there’s no point.

That’s my dream anyway, and has absolutely nothing to do with my spending a week debugging some code in IE6 and IE7 … whatever they are.