3 thoughts on “A successful day”

  1. Have you been making wise remarks in a grammatically odd way and a mildly dubious soup? Then you would be a 6’4″ yoda. Oh and you’d need a stick. And a lightsabre. And a few other bits of jedi clobber.

    And you “really” dug that reply, didn’t you. It “really” took you by surprise. And it “really” out a smile on your face. Which is always nice.

    Been thinking of you all. A lot.

    Oh, and why not replying in seesmic? No webcam for the powerbook….

  2. Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog post Moving House – Tips which incidentally also have a photo of yours. I have incorporated your tips into the content of the blog as I figured it would be a shame to have it in the comments which is less visible. I have made your signature into a live link to your Flickr profile page. That was before I found out you have a blog. If you wish, I can change all the links to your blog instead. Just let me know.

    BTW wish I can join you in a majhong game.

    Enviroman @ Peter Chen (Blog*Star)
    Blogger Tips and Tricks

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