Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 3

Fantastic!  Borr has ported the Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 3.

Full power of new gecko engine with a good old Firefox 2 face.

His blog is written in both Russian and English, if you want to practice your Cyrillic character recognition skills.

Why I prefer the Fx2 theme

I’m a happy Firefox user again — I just find that theme really easy to use and clearer than the Fx3 offering.

  • The BACK and FORWARD arrows are clearly left and right arrows, and not primarily circles with arrows inside.  To my eye with the Fx3 theme I see a circle first, then the arrow inside.  With the Fx2 theme I see the arrow first.
  • The RELOAD icon is chunkier and I find easier to see — I really am quite myopic!
  • The STOP icon is solid, red, reliable.
  • The PRINT icon in Fx2 is, I find, easier to read.  In Fx3 to my mind it looks more like a hard drive icon.

Tab Mix Plus issue (and workaround)

It appears that the Tab Mix Plus (TMP) add-on has an issue with this theme.  For some reason TMP interferes (their developer used the word ‘handles’) with the icon, and so it depends on the size of the images that the theme author uses.

What happens, with this and other themes, is a mismatch in which icon is being shown on background tabs, so you get half red icon / half grey icon:

Tab icons are wrong

However, there is a work-around that requires the Stylish add-on to be installed.  Use this Stylish code to overrule the TMP meddling: Custom Firefox tabs close button (Firefox 3).

A bit of a faff, but at least there is a workaround that still allows me to use my favourite Firefox 2 buttons.


Mum and me in early 1972.
My Mum holding me in early 1972. Scanned from a positive film.

There’s a scene in the film Bruce Almighty where Bruce’s girlfriend complains that Bruce has no interest in her current relationship-oriented project of collating an album of shared photographs.

Well that very same project was what Jane and I got up to yesterday … only it was our photos we used not ones of Jim Carey and Jennifer Aniston.

Over the course of far-too-many-hours we sorted through two filled-to-overflowing filing boxes of photographs and firmly filed more than half of them away in photograph albums (Boots have a two-for-one offer on just now).

We’ve still got about 800 photos left to album-ize, but at least most of them are now sorted.

In celebration of the really terrible photos I found — which now fill two and a half mini albums of their own — I’ve started a new blog to share them with the world: My rubbish photos.