XP Tweak Guide and AVG

Nice to see that the excellent TweakGuides Tweaking Companions for Windows XP and Vista by Koroush Ghazi have been updated. Included in the update is advice on installing AVG Free 8.0 (antivirus software).

What’s not included is the switch to ensure that LinkScanner isn’t installed.

Having used AVG for a couple of weeks, I’ve found it to be a good upgrade from AVG Free 7.5, it’s just a shame that there is no longer an option to disable alerts about disabled components.

If I have decided to switch off Resident Shield, for example, I don’t want to see an error icon in the notification area (system tray) saying that one of the components isn’t configured correctly. That was one feature that I really liked about version 7.5 that’s sadly been removed from 8.0.

2 thoughts on “XP Tweak Guide and AVG”

  1. Check out the TweakGuides information about AVG. You can get around it by ensuring that the AVG control panel doesn’t load when you start Windows.

    That way you don’t get the annoying icon in the notification area/system tray.

    But you do have to make sure that you manually update it, and manually scan anything that you think may be dodgy. Email scanning still works though.

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