Epson Perfection V200

Epson Perfection V200 scanner

On Wednesday evening I sat down at my PC and tried to scan a document on my Epson Perfection 1670 Photo scanner.


I placed the document on the scanner’s glass, closed the lid and fired up the scanning software (Epson Scan).

Scanning …


I tried again. Again nothing. Every time I tried the scanner appeared to work okay but presented me with the same thing: an A4 sized blank document.

Switching it off and switching it back on again (that favourite of technical support) didn’t fix it. Reinstalling the software didn’t fix it.

Searching Google confirmed what I feared: a hardware error.

I suspect that since you can’t switch off the scanner, short of pulling out the power cable, it eventually burned itself out. Maybe it got zapped during a recent power cut and surge.

I don’t know. All I knew is that my scanner no longer worked.

New scanner

My new scanner arrived on Friday morning, the Epson Perfection V200 Photo.

This one works, it scans faster, but even better: it has an on/off button. It’s important to switch off your peripherals when you’re not using them.

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One thought on “Epson Perfection V200”

  1. My 1670 has done the same thing, no off switch.

    Scanning attempts only resulted in A4 white page.

    We went to great lengths and only rested when we came upon your message.

    Repairs, I would be thinking about checking on repairing the damage, so will update you to the cause if we are successful in repairing it. The new V200 should arrive today

    Cheers Graham

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