Sacred space at Linne Bheag

Sacred space at Linne Bheag

One of the smaller Web projects that I’ve been working on over the last few months is a new website for my parents-in-law, Peter and Dorothy Neilson: Sacred space at Linne Bheag.


It’s built using Weebly, which is a really simple to use content management system.

Weebly is wonderfully easy to use, even easier to use than WordPress, can you believe it?!

Once we got the site structure sorted it took only a few hours to set up and populate with content. It’s well recommended if you’ve got a small site to create and populate.

You can create blog/news sections, it automatically includes an RSS feed so that people can subscribe to your latest news, and it will even manage your DNS so that you can tie your domain name to it, otherwise you’ll have

Linne Bheag

Anyway, the site is now live, and my mother-in-law Dorothy (whose 0x3Cth birthday it was on Sunday — Happy Birthday!!) is enjoying making site updates.

They offer all sorts of events, services and stuff, such as:

  • Mission Consultancy
  • Quiet Days
  • Enneagram
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Life Coaching

either out-and-about in sunny Scotland or from the comfort of their beautiful new home in Anstruther, Fife.

Check out the website:

Red Robot Leaving The City

Have I shown you my laptop? It’s a Lenovo 3000 C100. Nothing wonderfully spectacular about it.

Laptop - front

Until you turn it around:

Laptop - back (complete with red robot and blue dog image)

How cool is that?!

It’s a GelaSkin that I got from Urban Retro. It’s called “Red Robot Leaving The City” by Exploding Dog.

GelaSkins are artistic, protective skins that are easy to both apply (with no annoying bubbles) and remove. There are loads of different designs available. Check them out.

Only I got the wrong size, which is why it doesn’t reach the bottom of the lid where the Ubuntu sticker is. I got the 15″ sticker (because I have a 15″ laptop) and then discovered that I’d ordered the 15″ widescreen sticker. For my 15″ non-widescreen model I should have ordered the 14″ sticker. Of course!

You can check out the proper dimensions here:

  • GelaSkins for PC
  • GelaSkins for Mac

I still think that it’s pretty cool.

Probably because I’m a boy. And boys like red robots. That’s official.

(According to the comments, it would appear that girls like red robots too.)