My first Amazon Marketplace claim

I’ve just filed my first claim at Amazon.

A few weeks ago I ordered replacement AA/AAA bulbs for my Maglite. I was sent the wrong bulbs: C/D bulbs, which are much larger.

So I contacted the seller (actionxtra) via Amazon.


With no reply whatsoever.

So I emailed the address that was included in the order confirmation.

And heard nothing.

So this morning I’ve filed a complaint and a claim.


Monday 07 April. I received my refund today thanks to Payments.  Yay! for Amazon!

Twitter client

I’ve tried out a few Twitter clients now:

Twitteroo (4/5)

Twitteroo was the first I tried, and I like it. It’s fast; it allows me to enter what I’m doing and tells me how many characters I have left (max 140); shows me a timeline of all my Twitter contacts/follows.

Spaz (2/5)

Spaz has possibly the worst name of any Web 2.0 technology I’ve come across. Probably until Mingr! comes along. It’s built on Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) and looks and feels great.

It has nice features like being able to easily reply directly to contacts, or reference them in tweets (using @username). It has a couple of nice themes/skins too.

But I just couldn’t get used to the name, so I uninstalled it. Seriously?! Why did they choose that name?!

Twhirl (5/5)

@frosty suggested that I try Twhirl. It’s also built on Adobe AIR but feels a lot more polished than Spaz.

As well as the normal timeline you can choose to see your own timeline, replies, directs, archive, favourites, friends, followers, and even use it to search Twitter.

I’ve just discovered too that you can send @replies and direct replies to folks by hovering over their profile avatar. It’s pretty much the perfect Twitter client.

Chapman Stick Chapstick

I wonder if the Chapman Stick manufactuers (presumably Mr Chapman) have considered an integrated Chapman Stick Chapstick.

There must be times when Chapman Stick players are tapping away on their strangely fretted but percussive instruments and think: “Darn! Aren’t my lips devoid of moisture … if only there was some kind of lip moisture device integrated into this invention of musical ability.”

Or vice versa.

I imagine that there may have been moments when ordinary members of the worldwide citizenship alliance (or whatever the so-called general public are called these days) are in the process of moistening their lips by rubbing them on the waxy column that they have recently twisted from their store-purchased chapstick, when all of a sudden they have an overwhelming desire to recreate the recorded tunes of Mr Tony Levin.

I imagine that this will also most likely lead to other instrument-beauty-product mash-ups.

Such as:

  • Cello with integrated with balm spout (the Cell-o-balm (spout))
  • Piano with built-in shampoo (I call it the Shampiano)
  • Kazoo with breath-freshener mints dispenser (the Kazoo-o-fresh)