Just been watching Eurovision: Your Decision on BBC1.

With only ten minutes to go the final vote began, the lines were again open.

Gareth: We’ve got to vote.

Jane: Nah…

Gareth: What?! But that’s what the whole suffragette movement was all about.

Jane: It wasn’t really, was it.

Gareth: … no.

Nice to see that Ian Wright Andy Abraham won this evening’s vote. A better song I felt, but still not very Eurovision.

Just goes to show that Eurovision flies in the face of the whole argument for The Wisdom of Crowds.

Saving Private Royal

So, Prince Harry has been flown home from Afghanistan. I was upset not to see Tom Hanks being sent out to bring him back.

What an absolute menace the media can be. So, it would appear that a man doing his job is now regarded as news?!

The media should have just shut up about the whole thing and let Prince Harry get on with his job. Of … erm, shooting foreigners.

If you were to believe only what the media has to say about Prince Harry, you’d think his life was a bit like this:

  • Harry Royal and the Philosopher’s Stoned (but he was only 16)
  • Harry Royal and the Chamber of Media-leaked Secrets
  • Harry Royal and the Prisoner of Afghanistan
  • Harry Royal and the Goblet of Friendly Fire
  • Harry Royal and the Order of the Chain of Command
  • Harry Royal and the Allegations that he’s a Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Royal and the Deathly Hush (as to where he’ll be going next)

I think the media should leave him alone to do his job.

To be honest, he’s probably safer in Afghanistan, well away from the media, girls, booze and military-themed, fancy dress costumes!

Oh well, there goes my OBE!


Yay! Having just discovered Subversion at work, I’ve now also installed it at home, along with TortoiseSVN.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Installed Subversion 1.4.6
  2. Installed TortoiseSVN 1.4.8
  3. Created local folder for storing repositories: H:svn
  4. Created Windows service for Subversion: sc create svn.local binpath= “”c:program filessubversionbinsvnserve.exe” –service –root H:svn” displayname= “Subversion” depend= Tcpip
  5. Used services.msc to start new Subversion service and set it to start automatically
  6. Create repository with svnadmin create –f-type fsfs gareth
  7. Created password for svnserve — see TortoiseSVN help section 3.2.4 for details
  8. Right-click desktop, select TortoiseSVN > Repo-browser, enter svn://localhost/svn/gareth
  9. Enter username and password, as created at step 7
  10. Create new folders and start importing data into the repository
  11. Er…
  12. That’s it!

Fun, fun, fun … really easy to setup and an invaluable tool. I really wish that I’d checked it out sooner.