Just as well it doesn’t happen in the real world

This morning I’ve been cleaning up some CSS code for a redesign of some web pages.

Last week I got it working in rough, today I was cleaning it up. Giving classes proper names rather than things like “navTest”.

Except that somewhere between 09:30 and 12:30 I managed also to break something else. Another part of the page. A part that had nothing to do with the navigation that I was working on.

Just as well that doesn’t happen in the real world.

Foreman: Dave?

Dave the builder: Yeah!

Foreman: Did you just put in a new staircase on the third floor?

Dave the builder: Yeah, why?

Foreman: Because for some reason all the window frames on the ground floor have fallen out.

Dave the builder: Well, put them back in.

Foreman: I would, but they’re now the wrong size: they’re about 4 cm too wide now … and I think it’s your new staircase that’s affected them.

Time to put my debug hat on again.

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