Room clearing

Having been playing Call of Duty 4 for the last couple of days I thought it would be useful to do a little homework and find out how to do “room clearing” properly.

“Room clearing” is about systematically working through a building making sure there are no “baddies”.

I found this video on YouTube … amusing.  This is how to “clear” (actually “clean”) a room using only mops and buckets!

My first Amazon Marketplace claim

I’ve just filed my first claim at Amazon.

A few weeks ago I ordered replacement AA/AAA bulbs for my Maglite. I was sent the wrong bulbs: C/D bulbs, which are much larger.

So I contacted the seller (actionxtra) via Amazon.


With no reply whatsoever.

So I emailed the address that was included in the order confirmation.

And heard nothing.

So this morning I’ve filed a complaint and a claim.


Monday 07 April. I received my refund today thanks to Payments.  Yay! for Amazon!