Meeting the students

A nice and friendly way to begin a presentation.

About 10 months ago we launched a new website for the University.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been hosting a number of feedback sessions inviting folks to comment on what they think works, what doesn’t work, what could be improved, and giving us an opportunity to showcase a few things that we’re currently working on.

Having had two sessions with members of staff, at lunchtime today we hosted a group of students — ten were invited, five turned up — and I loved it. Students are great!

It was really interesting to compare what the staff members thought important from the website with what the students wanted. It was great too to be able to throw about ideas and ask their opinion on whether this would work better, asking if particular terminology or labels were right or not.

There’s nothing quite like good, honest, face-to-face conversation with your customers! Quite agile. I can’t wait until we do the next one.

Oh, and we’ve already made one adjustment: adding the link to SAULCAT to the Current Students‘ toolbar.