Conversation about backing-up websites, pt.2

Conversation with a colleague at the office colour printer.

Gareth: I’m pioneering a revolutionary new way of backing up the website.

Hamish: Is it Subversion, by any chance?

Gareth: No. I’m printing out all the pages.

Hamish: Well, if my kids grow up not knowing what a rainforest is I’ll blame you!

I was only kidding!

What are conference BOFs

I’m just looking at the schedule for the Scotland on Rails conference that I’m attending next month.

The schedule says

17:30 – 22:00 Conference venue remains open for BOFs etc.

I had no idea what “BOFs” are, so I looked it up on Wikipedia:

  • Buffer Overflow, a type of exploit for certain software bugs
  • Balls of Fury, a comedy film
  • Balls on Face, or Teabagging, a sexual act
  • Balls on Fire
  • Baptism of Fire, a soldier’s first experience under fire in battle
  • Basic Oxygen Furnace, a furnace used in steel production
  • Battalions of Fear, the debut album of Blind Guardian
  • beginning of file, the computing term. See also end-of-file
  • Best of Five, a question format commonly used in british medical exams
  • Best of Friends, Sarah B & Anthony C (see also Baof)
  • Biography of Ferns, the Seattle indie band
  • Birds of a Feather (disambiguation)
  • Board of Finance, a body that reviews local government budgets in USA
  • Body-on-frame, an automobile construction technique.
  • Boring old fart a term used to describe someone who does not interest you
  • The chemical formula of boron oxyfluoride
  • Breath of Fire, a video game series
  • British Orienteering Federation, the running sport involving navigation with a map and compass

Well, I’m glad that cleared that up! 😉

Some of those suggestions just sound scary.