SPB Mobile Shell 2.0

Yay! for SPB Software House.

I wrote them an electronic mail message ages ago and said that I really liked their SPB Mobile Shell application but the one improvement that I’d like to see is a full screen grid where you can easily select contacts to telephone.

Guess what! They’ve only gone and done it in SPB Mobile Shell 2.0.


SPB Mobile Shell 2.0 contacts grid

Now, I’m not saying that they did it because of my email. But I did email them with a request. And they did it!

Now I can phone all my friends while driving without nearly crashing the car!

(That was a joke by the way, of course I don’t phone while driving.)


I just watched an advertisement commercial on the electric television that said “Confused.com are going to give someone one million pounds!”

I reckon that someone is the chairman of Confused.com, and it’s his annual bonus.

Honestly! That’s almost as cheeky as every November when we have to watch the BBC raising Terry Wogan’s salary on that Children in Need.

They can’t fool me! I know that’s what it’s all about.

Everyone wants to meet me again

This morning in the internal mail at the University I received an invitation to the Reunion 2008, since this year it will be 15 years since I graduated from St Andrews.

This afternoon in my email I received an invitation to the New College (University of Edinburgh) Reunion of Divinity Alumni. I graduated from there nine years ago.

Why, after all this time does everyone want to meet me again? Don’t they know I have a blog?

And I’m on Facebook.

And about a million other Web 2.0 social networking sites.