Just been watching Eurovision: Your Decision on BBC1.

With only ten minutes to go the final vote began, the lines were again open.

Gareth: We’ve got to vote.

Jane: Nah…

Gareth: What?! But that’s what the whole suffragette movement was all about.

Jane: It wasn’t really, was it.

Gareth: … no.

Nice to see that Ian Wright Andy Abraham won this evening’s vote. A better song I felt, but still not very Eurovision.

Just goes to show that Eurovision flies in the face of the whole argument for The Wisdom of Crowds.

One thought on “Eurovision”

  1. And what the **** (insert your choice of expletives) was Michelle Gayle all about? Possibly one of the worst song & dance routines EVER!

    So, it would have been a winner! Why didn’t we vote? It’ll go to Hungary or Albania anyway…

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